Arsenal encouraged to bid for Benzema!

Arsenal spent a long time during the summer transfer window trying to secure a deal for a top quality striker, however largely failed down to the high demands both from players and clubs respectively. It wasn’t all bad news as Arsenal didn’t walk away empty handed, managing to secure the signing of Mesut Ozil, however despite the fantastic news, many were still of course left disappointed that we didn’t sign a striker.

Olivier Giroud’s fine form hasn’t made this error, if you can call it that, such a drastic weight on our performances so far this season, however it’s now become clear that we still need to sign another striker not just to take the club to the next level, but also to provide a good alternative to Giroud if he was ever injured or suspended or wasn’t proving to be effective against the opposition.

Arsene Wenger very publically made moves for Gonzalo Higuain, Wayne Rooney and Luis Suarez over the course of the summer, in hope that one would join, however they all proved to be nothing more than lengthy transfer sagas. In one last ditch attempt it was reported on transfer deadline day and the days surrounding it that Arsenal had made a final bid for Karim Benzema who of course is a now former teammate of Mesut Ozil. The Frenchman has always been on Le Prof’s radar and although he hasn’t totally impressed in Spain over these past few years, his fine form in France has certainly quoted him amongst the best strikers in the current footballing world.

The London Evening Standard have today reported that Real Madrid are open to hearing offers for Benzema in the January window after failing to let him go during the course of the summer. This was largely down to the fact Madrid couldn’t find a new striker themselves to replace him, however with the Bale deal being more overpriced than initially expected, it may be likely that Madrid have to sell yet another one of their star players.

I have always been a fan of Benzema, however I recognise he isn’t in the greatest form, especially over these past two years, however I’m confident that if Wenger was to make a move for Benzema that he would not only join Arsenal but also flourish at the club mainly because of Ozil’s magical passes. The only issue with this transfer is that Madrid is likely to want in the excess of at least £30 million.

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  1. Good write up.. Benzima not scoring for Madrid is because CR7 is goal greedy and not providing assist for the strikers but I guarantee to all of you that Benzima will be a hit in Arsenal if he join cuz he will have assist from every angel.

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