Arsenal fan´s awesome editing of Bellerin´s Wiki page!!


I thought I would do an article about Arsenal´s brilliant young Spanish right back Hector Bellerin after his amazing second half performance against Bayern Munich brought rave reviews from all sides of the football media. Arsenal fans are obviously raving about him and one particular Gooner out there has played a blinder.

As I was looking for some facts about Bellerin I clicked onto his Wikipedia page and got a right old laugh at what someone had written for his introductory paragraph.

It read, “Héctor Bellerín Moruno (born 19 March 1995) is a living god. He happens to also be the greatest right-back ever to play football. He is of Spanish origin, and plays for Arsenal. Internationally, he hasn’t been called up for the full Spain side because it would be against the rules to have God play for a national team.”

Now while they got that last bit wrong, as Bellerin was called up for the full Spain side recently but did not play, it is a great piece of Arsenal hijacking and propaganda. Unfortunately it will probably soon be changed, which is why I thought I would helpfully get it down in print that cannot be changed.

For a bit more brilliant stuff about Bellerin you can click here for a Metro report suggesting the six reasons he will soon be the best right back in the world.

Keep it up Hector…

1 thought on “Arsenal fan´s awesome editing of Bellerin´s Wiki page!!

  1. If he continues to refuse a move a to Barcelona he will cot get called up except for frendlies (if nobody else is available). Barcelona are a very political team with tight ties with the government.

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