Arsenal fans dismayed by news Elneny will be ONLY transfer

This latest Arsenal transfer news is sure to dismay a large number of Arsenal fans around the world, as the club finds itself in pole position to finally reclaim the Premier League title but is also at risk from the injury list ruining our chance just like it did a couple of years ago.

But it looks like Arsene Wenger is willing to trust to look and hope that the Arsenal players currently on the injury list come back and that we do not lose any more key players like Mesut Ozil or Olivier Giroud. Or that is how I took his comments in the post match interview reported by the Arsenal website.

The Frenchman said, “There is a little bit [fixture congestion]. But I believe that the next step is to get Rosicky back, Welbeck back, Sanchez back, Wilshere back and maybe we will get one player in. Overall, I think we have no new injuries so I’m not worried. If we had the same number of injuries we would be a bit short.”

I am assuming that the manager’s one player is the Egyptian midfielder Mohamed Elneny who we expect to be announced as a new signing very soon. I hope that Wenger has already taken him as a new player and that could mean that he plans to make one more transfer this month but to be honest I am not very confident. How about you?

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2 thoughts on “Arsenal fans dismayed by news Elneny will be ONLY transfer

  1. Even if he comes…..who is he? He’s not exactly what you would call world class. Arsenal have a massive bankroll so let’s whack some of it out and get some ‘A’ class talent in. Wenger keeps talking about this player being short and that player being short but in reality it is the team is short. Let’s not lose the chance of becoming Champions just because someone’s trying to save a few million.

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