Arsenal fans! “Don’t worry, be happy”

One of my songs of all time is the classical hit song by Bobby McFerrin titled “Don’t worry, be happy”! Whenever I listen to this song, it takes my mind off the worries of life; Instead of being bothered over trival issues, I become happy because happiness places you in a good emotional state.

I would like to recommend this song to every Arsenal fans out there; forget your worries and just be happy! Now, these are the situations I will ask you to worry less and just be happy…

If at the end of the season, we are without a trophy, “don’t worry, be happy”! We are Arsenal football club, we know how to win trophies and nothing is ever going to change that. Nothing is going to make less Arsenal because every big football club have periods whereby they don’t win trophies. Wenger has refused to step down as coach of Arsenal? He is not even ready to announce his intentions to step down? Mate, “Don’t worry, be happy”! Be happy because you will be alive to witness a change in fortune at Arsenal! Wenger will not be there Kwentua., he is going to leave someday and that day maybe tomorrow, it may be next month or even the end of the season! “Don’t worry, be happy”!

If at the end of the season, every player decides to go play for other clubs, “Don’t worry, be happy”! Be happy because our club is bigger than any player. Players come, players go, our club remains intact! We have featured world class players in our club, built world class players and sold world class players for huge financial gains! This won’t be the first time players will leave a club and it won’t be the last! We are Arsenal and we will still sign world class players! Yea!

If at the end of the season, we don’t qualify for the UEFA champions league, friends, ” Don’t worry, be happy”! Don’t worry because not playing in the champions league, won’t stop us from being Arsenal! I very much wish we would qualify for the champions league but if at the end of the season we don’t qualify, hell won’t be let loose! Great clubs have found themselves in situations where they didn’t qualify for major competitions! It didn’t kill them, rather it made them work harder to qualify for other much important competitions and even win those! So, who says we won’t end up being champions of Europe some day? Just watch us roll!

What is that thing about Arsenal that bothers you? Friends i say “Don’t worry, be happy”!

Worrying never solves anything, does it?

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