There was me thinking that Arsene Wenger was planning to do some serious business in the transfer market this summer in order to avoid a repeat of last season’s awful showing that saw us drop out of the elite of Europe and the Arsenal fans agree that the Frenchman’s time was up.

The club and manager led us to believe that this summer would be different but once again we have spent much less than opur main rivals and you are not going to like the reason given by Wenger for it, as reported by Metro. He would, of course love to buy loads of players and spend lots of money, but the current squad is just too big and so his hands are tied.

The boss said, ‘I expect to sell players first, you know, that’s all.

‘I expect some players to go because we have too many players and it’s not manageable.

‘Many clubs are in this situation that’s why the transfer market is quiet. So we have 33 players at the moment. That’s too many players!

‘I am not after a game like that just in a transfer mode.

‘We are more disappointed than straight away thinking about buying players tonight.’

Disappointed? Try being a fan mate! Fobbed off yet again after all the season tickets have been sold and the club has once again made a massive profit. The theory that Wenger keeps his job because he keeps the money rolling in has never been more evident has it?

2 thoughts on “Arsenal fans fuming over Wenger’s transfer reasoning

  1. let Wenger buy news player if not us has fun wewe will do anything to make sure he have mp job at Ermirate

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