Arsenal fans should just be happy that Cesc isn’t going to Man United!


Former Arsenal midfielder and captain Cesc Fabregas has been linked with a return to London with the Gunners over the last few weeks, in a saga that has gone the same way as when he was set to leave back in the summer of 2011.

Fabregas is reportedly unhappy in Barcelona and the understanding that Barcelona would be willing to let him go this summer ignited the rumours he was set to leave the Nou Camp this summer. Arsenal and Manchester United have been the main clubs to reportedly display interest, although neither have officially released a statement in regards to the persistent link to Cesc Fabregas.

At one point there were strong rumours he was set to join Manchester United, however these were quickly denied by both club and player, stating in the process he would “never join Manchester United”. Rumours then spread he was set to return to the Emirates, however he has now confirmed his intentions for the near future. As much as he might respect Wenger and have great feelings for Arsenal, his boyhood club is Barcelona and that is where he wants to be.

Fabregas said: “I have not opened my mouth once.

“It has taken a lot for me to get where I am and I am not thinking about throwing it all away for nothing. If they (Barcelona) said that they didn’t want me that would be another thing, what I really want is to triumph at Barca, that has been my dream since I was small. The important thing in life is to accept the good and also bad moments when they happen.

“If they (the crowd) whistle me I have to accept it. I am the first person that knew it would be the biggest challenge of my life (to play at Barcelona). I only want to play. Barca is my home, I have always dreamed of triumphing here. Up until now everything has gone well. The important thing is to work and work so that you enjoy it more than you don’t.”

He seems pretty certain that he intends on remaining with Barcelona for the near future, stating that he is happy at the club and that he has been where he’s always dreamed to be, which to be fair is completely understandable. I don’t think anyone is overly disappointed with the fact it’s becoming ever unlikely we will see Fabregas in an Arsenal shirt next season; I think most fans just wanted to make sure he didn’t sign for Manchester United.

3 thoughts on “Arsenal fans should just be happy that Cesc isn’t going to Man United!

  1. Yeah I’m not interested in taking a sell-out back, unlike many Arsenal fans. Carzola is probably a better CM at the moment anyway.
    And this is all silly speculation. Where did people get the idea that Fabregas is leaving Barca? Complete rubbish, I doubt he wants to leave and I doubt Barca want him to leave, considering how they really lack depth in their squad. 50m for a young Brazilian that hasn’t really done anything yet should tell you how desperate they are for players.

  2. He should remain in barca.He will NEVER EVER JOIN united that is MY JOY. He is NOT and will NEVER BE RVP

  3. In any case we no longer have room for Cesc …. great player tho he was for us. We have play makers but are lightweight on ball winning.

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