Arsenal fans’ transfer fury as Wenger leaves £200m in the bank!?!

So there were no players available in the summer transfer window that would improve Arsenal? Is that what you are telling us Arsene Wenger? I wonder just how hard he really tried because with the amount of money that the Gunners have salted away I would think we would be able to sign just about anyone if we really wanted.

The Arsenal website has published the club’s financial report from the 2014-15 financial year and they make interesting reading. As well as a rise in profit and turnover, Arsenal added about £20 million to the cash reserves and that means there is nearly £200 million in the bank and that is separate to the money that is kept by as security on our debt.

So Man City may have paid too much for Raheem Sterling but would he have improved the Arsenal squad? Yes and we could afford him. The same can be said of many players like Schneiderlin, Pedro and even young Anthony Martial. Would PSG have been tempted by a massive bid for Cavani? I think so and there is only one way to find out, make the offer.

Really Arsene, what good is all that money in the bank when we are losing to teams like West Ham and Dinamo bloody Zagreb?

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