There is a lot of negative thinking going around Arsenal at the moment and rightly so. We have in truth had a terrible summer and things aren’t going to magically repair themselves and allow us to win titles this season.

There is denial from our manager Arsene Wenger who laughs off Tottenham’s spending and says it will disrupt their squad. I understand when fans are trying to bring some faith back into things by telling the rest of us that we will survive this and everything will be okay but some people need to wake up.

We are proud of this great club and want to succeed but we cannot do that with the way things are run at the moment. For anybody who watched football focus on TV, you will have noticed how Ian Wright was not very confident about our chances against Tottenham on Sunday.

Several legendary Gunners have spoken out in recent weeks an said everything is OK. The most notable is Freddie Ljungberg. He spoke out at first and said that we are in trouble this season but then just a few days later he was given a job with the club as an ambassador.

You’ll never guess that his opinion changed when he took the new job, suddenly we were still a top club capable of winning anything and everything. This is an example of the don’t speak out atmosphere at the club.

Arsene Wenger seems to have the worst case of it. He is the man who can speak out against the board and demand support. Would they really go against him if he gave them an ultimatum? He is the only man that I believe they trust to be the manager but he needs to be forceful.

The board themselves are under this cloud. I only ever hear of Alisher Usmanov speaking out about the lack of spending. The rest of the board sit there and happily take their bonuses every summer without putting anything back in.

The thought patterns at this club are not normal. We are a unique club in more than one way. Most are good but the way we are run is unique and bad. No other club uses this sort of policy concerning their squad, the transfer market and the lack of willingness to listen to people on the outside.

Wenger has been indoctrinated with this way of thinking and we need to wake him up. I want the manager to stay at the club and we need to help him change his ways.

2 thoughts on “Arsenal fans want Wenger – but he needs to wake up!

  1. I will agree with Admin on the need for signings but also equally disagree on his overall assessment of the situation at Arsenal. Perhaps Freddie Ljunberg was critical because he had not got intimately involved with the club; when he got intimately involved and saw the club’s direction he is likely to have got convinced. It is easier to criticise from the outside because of lack of inside information but when you are in you see more than an outsider! All we see is the match being played but Freddie became privy to the training and backroom activity and as a professional his judgement must be good. On the other hand Ian Wright acts like a member of the opposition in Arsenal. I can’t quite figure out why. Several times he has predicted doom for Arsenal which never came then he is forced to retract his statements. He has made a caricature of himself! While it is true we need signings they must not become an obsession for some of us! I believe the signings are for strengthening the squad not for bragging purposes. Hence a team should only bring in the players that will fill up spaces and improve the team. As it is Arsenal’s 1st team is intact as nobody left. We only need just few signings to make the team complete and fully competitive. That’s why I believe we don’t have to be obsessed with signings and ignore the team we already have. For sure some signings will be made before tomorrow.

  2. Many of us have not wanted Arsene for the last few years ….. and we have not been wrong.

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