Arsenal fixture list 2013/14 – Only March looks dodgy!

A look at the Arsenal fixture list!

The official fixture list for next season Barclay’s Premier League has been released today and a general overlook of it for Arsenal doesn’t look too bad.

Here is the official preliminary list (subject to change for TV);
17/08/2013 15:00 Aston Villa (h)
24/08/2013 15:00 Fulham (a)
31/08/2013 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur (h)
14/09/2013 15:00 Sunderland (a)
21/09/2013 15:00 Stoke City (h)
28/09/2013 15:00 Swansea City (a)
05/10/2013 15:00 West Bromwich Albion (a)
19/10/2013 15:00 Norwich City (h)
26/10/2013 15:00 Crystal Palace (a)
02/11/2013 15:00 Liverpool (h)
09/11/2013 15:00 Manchester United (a)
23/11/2013 15:00 Southampton (h)
30/11/2013 15:00 Cardiff City (a)
03/12/2013 19:45 Hull City (h)
07/12/2013 15:00 Everton (h)
14/12/2013 15:00 Manchester City (a)
21/12/2013 15:00 Chelsea (h)
26/12/2013 15:00 West Ham United (a)
28/12/2013 15:00 Newcastle United (a)
01/01/2014 15:00 Cardiff City (h)
11/01/2014 15:00 Aston Villa (a)
18/01/2014 15:00 Fulham (h)
28/01/2014 19:45 Southampton (a)
01/02/2014 15:00 Crystal Palace (h)
08/02/2014 15:00 Liverpool (a)
11/02/2014 19:45 Manchester United (h)
22/02/2014 15:00 Sunderland (h)
01/03/2014 15:00 Stoke City (a)
08/03/2014 15:00 Swansea City (h)
15/03/2014 15:00 Tottenham Hotspur (a)
22/03/2014 15:00 Chelsea (a)
29/03/2014 15:00 Manchester City (h)
05/04/2014 15:00 Everton (a)
12/04/2014 15:00 West Ham United (h)
19/04/2014 15:00 Hull City (a)
26/04/2014 15:00 Newcastle United (h)
03/05/2014 15:00 West Bromwich Albion (h)
11/05/2014 15:00 Norwich City (a)

At this point of the year this list means very little apart from your opponents on the opening and closing days of the season. Fixtures may be moved around but also what does it matter when a club play another team? Does it really make a difference that we play Spurs early in the season, rather than around December?

All I think the fixture list can tell you at this point is possibly where your team may flourish and where it may struggle, because quite simply until the final squad for the season is determined in September anything can change.

Aston Villa at home is a nice first premier league game to the season. Based upon last year they should be easy opponents and a good way to grab the first 3 points, however as stated anything could change before now and the start of the season.

I don’t think Norwich away on the last day of the season, should cause too much on an issue. Like Villa, can be a good team on their day but I don’t really have any real concern.

In terms of months, there are some easy, some hard. March is by far the most difficult month of the season, facing Stoke, Swansea, Spurs, Chelsea and then city, not to mention we then face Everton 5 days into April. It will be a pivotal time for the club, and it’s a period where we usually rapidly gain points, however at the moment I am no way confident, we can gain maximum points from it. In fact from those 6 games I can only see us picking 5 points. Maybe I’m being a little pessimistic however unless we improve our squad then it may be a reality.

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2 thoughts on “Arsenal fixture list 2013/14 – Only March looks dodgy!

  1. i am sorry but did u just glance at it and not look at the dec fixtures which are almost identical to the march ones ok the days in between may be fewer in march but still

  2. Why do you think Arsenal will not change in terms of personell and application? If we continue with the attitude of the last 10 games of last season, we will have wrapped up the EPL by March or even be on top of the table and that alone can motivate the team to go all the way.

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