Arsenal get HUGE Benzema transfer boost from Real Madrid

Arsenal fans might soon owe a big debt of thanks to the former Liverpool and Chelsea manager Rafa Benitez, because the chubby Spaniard seems determined to help the Gunners complete the stunning transfer of the world class centre forward Karim Benzema.

All the news coming from the Spanish media is that Benitez is not that keen on the French international and that Benzema does not really fit into his plans for the new look Real Madrid. Now Metro are reporting the latest transfer development is that Benitez wants to sign the German international forward Marco Reus from Borussia Dortmund.

But Reus recently signed a new long term contract and so will cost a lot of money. That means that Madrid are apparently ready to accept a decent offer from Arsenal for their striker. So what are you waiting for Arsene?

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2 thoughts on “Arsenal get HUGE Benzema transfer boost from Real Madrid

  1. Wenger please this is an opportunity to he him. For Arsenal to be contending for title, (especially UCL & Premiership) we Benzene & Vidal in our squad. Delay is dangerous.

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