Arsenal get MASSIVE boost on Higuain transfer hopes!

Arsene Wenger and a lot of Arsenal fans were probably left choking on their morning coffee last week when it was revealed that one of the top brass at the Serie A club Napoli declared that they would only accept their full valuation for the Argentina international striker Gonzalo Higuain.

There is playing hardball in the transfer market and there is downright cheek and greed and with Napoli rating their striker at over £60 million, they definitely come into the latter category. Now it appears that Higuain was about as impressed with that as the rest of us, because Metro are now reporting that the 28-year old has told his bosses that he wants to leave and to stop being so stupid.

Higuain is currently on duty with Argentina at the Copa America and so will miss the start of the season wherever he is, but is there now a chance that he could be playing for the Gunners before the end of this transfer window?

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