Arsenal getting close to being Free of all Deadwood…now for some goodwood!

Despite what you want to say about Arsenal’s lack of incoming transfer business, and I’m sure those words won’t be positive, if you can overlook that for five minutes, you may be able to realise or reiterate that the club has done well in getting rid of the majority of the ‘deadwood’ listed players at the club.

I think this was always Arsenal’s main priority this summer and so that’s why we haven’t seen any transfer movement till recently. It’s a stupid approach to take, in my opinion, but seemingly is the path that has been taken and there’s nothing we can do now except reflect on what has gone before us and hope that we still manage to pull off some top quality signings.

Of all the players we have got rid of this summer, not one has been of utmost importance to us, and arguably the biggest names to go that would have made a shout in the team are Coquelin, Djourou and Mannone. Not forgetting that we released around 14 youth/reserve players that were all knocking on the door to be put in the Arsenal first team squad, the likes of Sanchez Watt and Craig Eastmond, players that were already in their early twenties and never going to make it at Arsenal. Aside from them we have also managed to release Arshavin, Denilson and Squlliaci, 3 players that were just eating away at our wage bill.

Then we have sent Djourou out on loan, as well as Francis Coquelin, which I’m quite disappointed about to be honest. These two players as well as goalkeeper Mannone who was sold to Sunderland, were arguably the biggest talents to leave and I felt all three could have done a job as backup players this season, hopefully Wenger proves me wrong by signing so many stars, they would be facing the reserve team in front of them.

We have also sold Andre Santos, although only on a free transfer, while Gervinho seems to be the next player on his way out. Just to say I don’t consider Gervinho as deadwood and I feel he could do a good job on the bench but still, if its good money I don’t mind selling him. This leaves us with Park, Chamakh and Bendtner. Can we shift them?

Chamakh is supposedly off to join newly promoted Premier League side Crystal Palace and so he could soon be out the exit door, but only for 6 months at the moment. As for Bendtner, who knows? The Denmark international is linked with a different club every day and apparently Malaga are the latest club interested in him. Whilst Park, well I can’t see us selling him, especially as I think he is still on military service. So he will either be released like Denilson, or maybe sent out on loan after his return.

Park could soon be the only deadwood left, and that will hopefully signal the start of Arsenal’s signings.

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3 thoughts on “Arsenal getting close to being Free of all Deadwood…now for some goodwood!

  1. Park has finished his military service he was pictured last week training with chamakh frimpong gervinho and bendtner.

    Not too bothered about mannone coquelin or djourou as martinez yennaris and miquel can comfortably fill their boots.

    Santos was replaced by monreal whilst all the others can also be replaced from within. Ryo gnabry aneke and eisfeld can between them replace gervinho arshavin and denilson whilst sanogo akpom and afobe can easily replace park chamakh and bendtner.

    However, we need to add some real quality to replace the top quality that has left over the last few years. Suarez can replace rvp and my replacements for song and cesc would be song and cesc or fellaini and cesc. Personally I would let vermaelen let then go for rami and sakho whilst cesar would be brought in to add competition with a view to becoming goalkeeper coach eventually. That way we could offer him a longer deal on lower wages.

    1. Park was excused from military service when he won the bronze medal at last year’s Olympics. Any Korean who wins any kind of Olympic medal (or honors Korea greatly through great feat) is excused.

  2. i do not need to sign as many players as the number of dead woods we have let go. With the youth players that went on preseason tour, we can get a few of them into the first team as squad players. Zelalem has been praised by all. Akpom was able to hit target 3 times and is a promising talent, Serge Gnabri and Thomas Eisfeld are promising. So is hector Bellerin and a few others whose names I do not know. They can alternate between the bench and playing the Next Gen tournaments as well as the Under 21 premier League.
    I agree that we need a few more ready to go players to fill some positions. Wenger also agrees with this too. We just have to wait till the end of the transfer window befoe we know what we will have for next season.

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