Arsenal Goalkeeper looking for loan next season

One of Arsenal’s most promising young talents, 19-year-old goalkeeper Damian Martinez, seems to think that the next step for him is a move away from the club for a season long loan spell.

The youngster is the regular reserve keeper right now but he seems to think that following in Szczesny’s footsteps will eventually help him become a better goalkeeper than the Pole is and take his place in Arsenal’s first eleven.

“Wojciech said he wasn’t ready for the first team yet so he went out on loan and learned so much there.

“Then he came back to Arsenal and played in the first team as he was ready.

“Next season a loan spell could be an option for me.

“I am still looking forward to being on the bench for a few more games, trying to do my best in the reserves and then be ready for the first team.

“These are my ambitions for the next two months.”

The 19-year-old Argentine still didn’t get a first team appearance for Arsenal at the moment, so his debut in pro-football has yet been made. Martinez didn’t receive any offers at the moment, but he’d love the chance to make a move to a small team like Szczesny did at Brentford where he can gather some playing experience.

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