Arsenal had a fit ready-made defender to hand – Why was no loan deal made?

I have just read that the Bolton manager Owen Coyle is trying to sign Thierry Henry’s team mate Tim Ream on a loan deal right now. Ream is a defender with New York Red Bulls and one of the best in America, in fact he won the prize for Rookie of the Year in the season just finished.

The 24 year-old has been watched many times by Arsenal scouts and we reportedly even made an offer for him last summer, and even Owen Coyle admitted that he is keen for him to cover for Gary Cahill after Arsenal had first choice.

Ream himself told the press in December about Arsenal’s interest. “I guess that’s common knowledge now,” he said. “I think there are a few others. It’s just one of those things, you always have eyes watching you; it’s an honor to have a team of that caliber watching you, following you. … At the same time, you can’t let that be a distraction either. If something comes of it, so be it.”

He is fit and in training (with West Brom now) to stay in condition for the beginning of the MLS season, and would have been a very easy option to loan alongside Henry for these two months.

So why on Earth didn’t Wenger take advantage while he had the chance, instead of trying out an unknown Omani international?

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9 thoughts on “Arsenal had a fit ready-made defender to hand – Why was no loan deal made?

  1. He did try and get him.

    Ream didn’t think he would get games at Arsenal and wanted somewhere he would be an immediate 1st choice and a loan move would scupper his chances of a permanent one.

    Fairly common knowledge to any1 whose paid attention to that story.

    1. Thank you rob, ditto those sentiments. If pay attention n do homework, answers/truth right in front of you

  2. Wenger should sign a real defender who can play in the EPL, oterwise Arseanl will be playing in Europe’s seconf tier next season (if lucky). arsenal doe not have a defence at withstand the EPL right now, and it will be worse in campion’s league. AC Milan will score dozen goals with our present defence. The market will close in a few days and Wenger is making no effort to sign anybody. all he will do is complain about officiating and that doesnt solve any problems. He has been complaining for six years

  3. So tim ream is now a known player who can solve the teams problem and cos the omani player is not known he is crap. That is the problem with arsenal fans,they think they know it all. What about the much talked about marin at bremen,the one most arsenal fans wanted? He is no more a good player cos the press no longer sings his name. Like henry said support the team,no matter what and leave the manager to do his job.

  4. I will always be a gooner and love my club. I have always hoped things would pick up for us and our luck would change & we would be the great club we all talk about. I now realise we are a good club and nothing more just content with being part of the game. Wenger is a good manager but has failed to move with the times thus meaning falling behind. If he had used all the money he wasted on youth we’d have a star studded side

  5. ets be real, metsacker, djourou, walcot, kolseky, forgive my spelling, but these guys have to go!!bring in poldosky, samba, heitinga, is better…wenger knows the problem honestly he does…this is a coach who brought in anelka, henry, pires, wiltord, viera, players who are rugged, fit and fast, so i know he is just buying time…trying to make a point that money cant buy trophies…he bought anelka for 500k, sold him 22million plus…this man knows what to do…i trust him but cant wait….

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