Arsenal have £65million minimum war chest to spend in January

I know Arsenal fans are probably sick of hearing exactly how much Arsene Wenger COULD spend during each transfer window, and get frustrated that the Frenchman prefers to keep most of it in his back pocket and bring in a few youngsters!

But there is a report in today’s Mail that reckons that Wenger still has £40m left over from this summers dealings, never mind the outstanding surplus from previous years.

They also add that the Gunners are set to get a £25m windfall from the sale of some property around the Emirates Stadium as well, which will swell the coffers even more, but they don’t say why they think that will go straight into the transfer fund.

Arsenal fans were most upset during the summer when it was revealed that the club was increasing ticket prices by an average 6%, but looking at the amount of profit that goes into the club without getting spent, their frustration seems to be well-founded.

How many Gooners really believe that Wenger will spend even half of that headline figure?

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27 thoughts on “Arsenal have £65million minimum war chest to spend in January

  1. It’s like you’ve never experienced a Wenger transfer window. He is talking about loan signings. No chance of signing all of those players.

  2. Podoloski & Wayne Brdige, Henry, may be another defender? That’s all we will get, just the essentials, that’s how it is with Arsenal

  3. Podolski and either Goetze or Hazard…..we won’t get both….its all we need to buy,and will make a huge difference.

  4. Let say i’m under an illusion but crime in having my own dream
    then arshavin,chamahk,squillaci,bendtner,denilson,diaby,almunia atleast £22m get vertoghen and henrikh mikhitaryan

  5. Wenger spend all buy podolski 13m goetze 20m plus chamakh hazard 30m Gary chail 8m.sell sqalacci 1.3m arshavin 9m fabianski 2.5m almunia 1.5 Loan oxlade-chambrian Ryo mIyaIchi and coquelin

  6. Well Podolski and either Hazard or Gotze will be excellent addition to the squad, and a good defender to perfect the team, and then we can boldly say we are ready for the task ahead.

  7. No point in speculating Wenger is an` eleventh hour man`. He likes to sit quietly and watch the others play their hands then he knows what cards they`re holding. Sometimes he wins sometimes he just lays his cards face down and leaves the table.
    It`s just the way he plays the game, he won`t change. With Henry back there`ll be no big signing up front until the summer.
    A loan deal in the full back position is a possiblity if he can find one. The return of injured players will look good on paper but I can`t see them enhancing the team performance for some time to come.

  8. It seems that Wenger believe that he is playing soccer fifteen years ago. He does not understand that the prices have gone up and if you want the best you have to spend. I really hope he wises up

  9. Just to recap who arsene is most likely to spend money on:
    He has said he does not need another center back, which is fair as we already have a decent number of them. We will only need to sign a left back on loan for a month or two as Santos and Gibbs are both out, as well as vermaelen. A midfielder is needed, but don’t expect him to get hazard, he will most likely go to Madrid. And goetze will be a bit too much for arsene to pay for even though he has the money. A move for a cheaper more experienced midfielder is much more likely. As for strikers it will most likely be a signing for podolski – 12.5 to 15mil. And Henry has been signed on loan for 2 months. More promising youngsters are most likely on the way. Also, Alex oxlade Chamberlain will be making more appearances, so we will have some attacking power there. Hopefully will will see park have a few games this season too.

  10. get henry and podlski up fron now
    try to get godz, coz he’s excelent for our stile and get 1 more difender like wayn brig is no 1 coz he has primear league expriance and he can play champions league
    2- vargas : he can play a champions league and he’s a leader coz he’s the captan of his national team. He can ply LB or DM and he is good good croser and thats wht we r mssn now.
    3- jan vartoghen : he’s the carant captan of Ajax , he can play a lott of positions like LB, DM, CB and he is good for the head.

  11. and i forgett make good relationship to lile the side of hazard also give wht they want lile diapy scolaj arshavin chamakh and do wht eva u can to bring him in the sumer
    olso make onother like that the team of M.vila and bring them the sumer
    so thats for sure it will be the time we wone CHLG AND the league
    thanx 4 ur reading

  12. Wow some are lunatics!! So everyone believes that we should go out and buy Hazard, Gotze, and Podolski, who do you think we are Man City! Be realistic we only need left back cover, loan because we can’t have 3 capable starters and keep them all happy, and probably a back up goalie if we can get one for cheap since Fabianski and Almunia and Mannone are all out of contract this summer.

    1. I agree we need a back up goalkeeper but we must remember our first choice is only 21 years of age and he`s exceptional.
      This means he has years ahead of him and he`s already quite experienced. Myself I would like to see us sign a seasoned keeper like Schwarzer of Fulham and have him rotate with Sczcneny for a couple of seasons until a younger player is brought in as back up. Two years from now Schwarzer will be on his way out and Sczcneny will be at his peak with a 21 year looking over his shoulder. I`m quite sure a young man of Sczceneny`s intelligence and maturity would understand this.

  13. lol….i think wenger must look at his squad and admit to himself which individuals he has no confidence in….some are on the payroll and he knows they contribute little more than being in the numbers…..lots of money is being wasted on these players that could be sold on and replaced by one or two individuals with the potential of making a real difference to the side

    1. Fully agree with your sentiments. If only it were that easy. Wenger knows the names of those he must off load it`s the execution that`s difficult.

  14. Wenger shud first offload da likes ov alumunia,squillaq,djrou,fabinisk coz these guyz give da proffesor false impression thinking he has players yet he has players on ground jst for payment n nt for da success ov da club

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