Arsenal have a new star and a leader in Walcott

This season has been an excellent one for Theo Walcott. He has produced some of his best performances since joining Arsenal from Southampton in 2006. He was not even 17-years old when he became a Gunner, but it was only this season that he really became a true Gunner.

His extra confidence and maturity has been evident since the start of the season, and that in turn has led to his best ever statistics of 21 goals and 17 assists. Considering that he had a few injury problems, as well as the distraction of his contract negotiations, Theo has done amazingly well to produce the impact that he has.

The 24-year old England international was probably the best player on the pitch for England on Wednesday, and there is talk that Roy Hodgson may give him a chance to repeat his role as a centre forward that he managed with some success for Arsenal this season. All this is just reward for his hard work and mature attitude, that he now wants to pass on to his Arsenal team mates.

“The amount of experience I’ve had from a young age, having to walk into the dressing room with the winners of the Premier League and the FA cup and be the only one, with Abou, who is still in that dressing room today(can help),” said Walcott.

“I can give my experience – to the other young players. If something’s not going well, I’ll try to help someone out. If things are going well, you just let them know that they are doing something well. I think that’s my role a little bit, and of course playing my best football on the park when I can.”

It sounds like Theo could make a good captain or vice-captain one day and, who knows, maybe he will. If he continues his form from this season into the next, and especially if he continues to mature and improve, his new contract will start to look like one of the best bits of business that Arsenal and Wenger have done for a while.

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2 thoughts on “Arsenal have a new star and a leader in Walcott

  1. Walcott was great this season. 21 goals and 17 assists is excellent production considering Wenger brought him on from the bench for most of the 1st half of the season.

    He’ll be even better next season!

  2. Walcott has come of age, but ramsey still hasnt. A player comes of age in my honest opinion when he changes most of his negatives that plague him. Walcott was a bad finisher but now when walcott gets one on one with a goalkeeper most gooners including me expect and are confident that he will score. Walcott used to be afraid to run into defenders and go from the wing into the middle of the 18 yard box and always opted to use his speed on the wing and deliver crosses. Now he can really dribble past defenders without being obvious as he was a while back. Ramsey, still has one big negativity which he needs to get rid of, or transform it to benefit him…. He keeps the ball in his feet to much! i know he sometimes produces moments of magic when he does this but he needs to do this a lot less. That is the same problem walcott had, he sometimes produced moments of magic with his dribbling speed but most of the times he would be so obvious and the ball would be intercepted. This has to do with pshycology because each players does what makes him comfortable but ramsey needs to realise that sometimes you need to loose or change some of your habits (keeping the ball for too long) to grow up and progress as a professional footballer.

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