Arsenal have agreed fee – Will Bendtner agree to go?

Get ready to be happy Arsenal fans. Although I will not actually believe it is really true until it is finally all done and dusted, it looks like the Gunners will finally get rid of the blank firing, self publicist that is Nicklas Bendtner.

Maybe the not so great Dane has finally realised that the biggest clubs in the world are not desperate to sign him after all, or maybe he finally feels a bit guilty about trousering over £50,000 a week from Arsenal only to run us down any chance he gets, although I doubt it.

According to Skysports, Arsenal have accepted transfer bids for the 25-year old striker, and he is due to pick which one of them he wants to play for. He still seems to be suffering from delusions of grandeur, though, so I am concerned that he will find all of the clubs beneath him, while I am fairly sure that none of them will match the wages he gets from Arsenal, something he claims to care nothing about, even though he turned down a perfectly good move to the Bundesliga with Hamburg in January.

Bendy said, “Arsenal have agreed with five clubs, so now it is up to me to make a choice.

“I will make that choice within the next 14 days. They are all good clubs. It’s a hugely important choice I’m faced with. I must go where I am wanted. As a footballer, there is only one thing that can make you happy, playing time.

“Will it be good for me to go to a big club where I risk the bench? No, I’d rather go somewhere where the club is located just below the top where I can play every week.

“I can take a step back to take three forward.”

In that case, Nick, I know the perfect place for you. The supporters also have delusions of grandeur, it is called Tottenham. They even have another big useless striker who has got a chip on his shoulder about Arsenal. I’m sure you and Adebayor will be very happy together, although I’m not so sure about the spuds fans.

Let’s hope that Bentner does accept the offer of one of these club, because that will make it nearly £250,000 a week in wages we have saved so far this summer.

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6 thoughts on “Arsenal have agreed fee – Will Bendtner agree to go?

  1. Very harsh on a player with 45 goals in 79 starts all before his 23rd birthday. If wenger hadn’t played him on the wing so much I am sure we would have seen an even better return. Bergkam Henry and Wright all took more than 79 starts to reach that tally. Obviously his time here is done as that is how it has to be.

  2. Although I don’t like his bragging but the truth is that he is better than some of the players we have featured in Arsenal for the last two seasons. We are very unfair to this guy.

  3. when i watch bendtner playing he normally play very well and he also score goals even when arsenal did not have any other striker because of an injury blow to v.persie he came in and show what he can do including the match against fc porto in uefa cl when porto won arsenal 2-1 at home when they came emirate arsenal won them 5-0 in which bendtner score hatric so bendtner is a good finisher to compare to giroud, pls wenger should keep bendtner he is our youth player he should respect that.

  4. Well if he goes and joins another of our ex’s at the Spuds it will certainly be all fireworks as those two have a really great loge for each other as we have seen in the past…..

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