Okay, I don’t quite know what to say here. Apparently Arsenal have taken a 26-year old player called Alharbi El Jadeyaoui on trial from the French Ligue 2. that’s right the Ligue 2 not 1. To make this all the more unbelievable, it is being widely reported that Arsene Wenger is going to offer him a contract.

I’m sure I don’t need to go into detail about what is wrong with this deal but I will anyway and I may as well talk about another shocking piece of news at the same time. Brace yourselves, the other pieces of news is that we may also be offering a contract to 27-year old Romanian striker Ciprian Marica who is a free agent after leaving Schalke.

Back to the guy from Ligue 2. I would be slightly optimistic about this if the player wasn’t 26 years old. If he was 17 or 18 then it would be okay because he could be considered a young gem for the future, like Sanogo. At 26 years old you don’t do much more growing in terms of footballing ability and if nobody has ever heard of him before or tried to buy him, why are we?

Apparently we have been scouting him for ages. We have spent a large chunk of this summer clearing out deadwood players and now it seems we are replacing them with even worse players. I would rather keep Gervinho than have this guy. They are pretty much the same age and Gervinho has much more experience and probably more ability.

Why are we replacing deadwood with double deadwood?

Back to Marica. If we are looking for a prolific striker this summer, I have no idea why Marica’s name has come up. He has scored 5 goals in 2 years at Schalke which is less than Marouane Chamakh, so again I would rather keep Chamakh than get this guy.

Unlike El Jadeyaoui I have actually seen Marica play when he was at Stuttgart and for Schalke and let me tell you that my two year old nephew has a better chance of scoring regular goals. He couldn’t hit a barn door from two yards out this guy, even though his international record is decent. I must admit though he is more of a busy striker who likes to run about the place and help his team-mates out rather than going for glory but we do not need him.

This week we have offered trials to several players that I have never heard of and now these two are included in Arsenal’s transfer business. I am scratching my head and trying to figure out what our budget is for this summer. Did we bid for Luis Suarez because we knew that Liverpool would never budge and wanted to make it look like the club was committed to spending money?

I am sorry, but if these two players join the club I am going to support Fleetwood Town as they will have a better chance of winning the Premier League before us. I won’t be surprised to read tomorrow that we have been impressed with Karl Henry’s QPR debut and have made a bid for him.

The whole point of clearing out the deadwood in your squad is to get better players. I would honestly rather keep Nicklas Bendtner and friends than bring these guys in.

6 thoughts on “Arsenal hit rock bottom with Blackburn and Schalke rejects

  1. Look its fairly obvious that we are going for star names. But having released sold and loaned at around 30 players do u honestly think we can replace all those players with star names? Equally we cannot replace them all with kids. So yes we will have to have some deadwood just like every other bloody club. As for wanting chamakh and bendtner on their £50-65k a week wages surely its better to have half a dozen players on £20k as at least one might come good, whereas I doubt that any of those 2 or park and gervinho will come good.

  2. Maybe I am just in a more positive mood today, but I can only think of that Napoli game and think behrami* …. Not a very good player as I remember him when he was at west ham but now he is holding down a starting position for a pretty decent Napoli side who finished 2nd in their league.

    It just goes to show that a player can reinvent or kick start their careers at other clubs. I mean, football is a game of confidence any way, a Change of clubs can do a lot for a player.

    Now, obviously if we fail to land a couple of star players then the acquisition of players or more gambles like this would not be acceptable.

  3. Its a business. Look at this:
    Chammak, Gervinho and Nikals leave the club for a fee. maybe all together around 15 mil max. wages $160K/ week.
    2 players in for free (or maybe 3 mil ..profit of 12 mil), salaries total will be like $40K. week). In 2 years you sell these guys for 2-4 million each. You make the money back, while having a backup ..etc. If one comes good and get sold for 6 or 8 million then the business is good. none will be a superstar.

  4. How much do you know about kolcieny b4 he joined arsenal??? And how old was he???? You will quite agree wit me that he is one of the best defender in english football 2day… Dont forget.. Wenger is still the old prof. And the most successful manager in arsenal’s 125yrs history. He knows what he is doing…. Yea….he knows….

  5. Are you really an Arsenal fan? THe club for the first time in years has tried to think of what it needs to do to win things and has started taking action to address this. Arsenal have released or loaned out all the deadwood and pretty much everyone who was not able to move the club forward (Bendtner being a notable exception)but our squad is now thin. Our scouting network must see something in these two. Don’t forget Koscielny only had one full season in French Ligue 1 and had played in their Divisions 2 and 3 before that and he has been our best and most consistent player for some months. Who’d heard of Hleb before he joined Arsenal? Yes we need some top quality/experienced players but also need decent squad players who we can develop. Enjoy Fleetwood Town… and their Highbury Stadium.

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