Arsenal’s right-back Carl Jenkinson might be coming back sooner than expected as he’s already prepared to make his appearance in the reserve squad.

According to the newspapers, Jenkinson is no further than 2 weeks away of being ready to play for the senior squad, so the full-back danger at Arsenal is finally averted now that Sagna, Gibbs and Jenkinson are all fit to play.

With those injuries out of the way now Arsene Wenger only has to worry about bringing back Wilshere and Santos and he will have his first team back in action. According to the Frenchman Wilshere’s injury is progressing well so he’s expected to be fit until the end of March and return for the Gunners in time to get fit for England’s EURO 2012 campaign where he’s highly likely to be called-up regardless of who will be the national squad manager by then.

Diaby is also out, but with Song and Coquelin at a high in the last few games Wenger doesn’t have to worry about him. Santos’ return remains the most important thing for the Frenchman who needs to make sure the left side of his defense is also at its best and that he has a back-up for that position as well.

12 thoughts on “Arsenal Injury List Update. Wilshere And Jenkinson Soon Back?

  1. Jenkinson played 46 mins tonight in a 5 zip win at norwich. yossi was man of the match. ozyakup also played well and there was goals for arshavin 2 yossi afobe and park. only downer (of sorts) was an injury to chamakh. loads of scouts were in attendance especially from leeds cska zenit and anzhi

  2. did I read your post correctly? Did u claim that Song has been on a high in that last few games? wtf, u’re even expecting jenkingson to come and save your season? Geez! Fans like u lack ambition and are hopeless. Brain washed….!

  3. For me to many players are receiving a free ride. Jenkinson is no where near ready or good enough, song looks like he is in auto pilot, Ramsey has lost his touch, diaby must of racked up the highest medical bill the club has ever seen, arshavin only played well in the reserve games because of the scouts that where watching not because of his desire to play against tottenham ,chamakh is being paid not to play yet arsenal is run as a business ?? Walcott again has gone a season without really making an impact the fact that ox is considered more impact full at his young age proves this I could go on and on the bottom line is the club have held on to below par players and let top players leave the club this does not make football or business sense. Surly the summer should bring a 6 player clear and some smart investment ???? !!!!!!

  4. yes i agree with those coments and would add we need to get rid of wenger asap 7 years we have gone back wards not forwards and if he stays evrything willbe the same next year

  5. Am tired of this story…get rid of chamak,,ramsey..wackot..arshavin…djouru…diaby..squilachi…. And pls buy qauilty players that can change games and give u results and winning trophy for us…players like. Gotze..,hazard..podosky..cranero..ventrogen and if possible benzema ..then we can complete upfront with the rest

  6. you guys are saying seven players? i will list players who can’t possibly play our carling cup matches in the days of the invisibles. almunia, fabianski, djourou, squillaci, ramsey, benayoun, ashavin, chamakh, park, diaby(never fit). that is ten players already. so who do you guys want to see next season to continue the mediocre show we’ve been experiencing for 7years since you guys said 6 players need to leave? we need a clear out ASAP!!!

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