Arsenal injury woes NOT club’s fault claims Wenger!!

The words Arsenal and injury have started to go together like sausage and mash, rock and roll or Spurs and sh*t in recent years. After our title challenge was ruined by the amount of players the Gunners lost to injury last season, Arsene Wenger admitted that there seemed to be an underlying problem at the club and that he was determined to put it right.

So with two new fitness and medical experts joining the backroom staff during the summer, the hope was that Arsenal would not have the same problems this time around. But I have already had to write a few articles about our injury problems, with Kieran Gibbs, Mikel Arteta, Yaya Sanogo and now Olivier Giroud all succumbing during the first few games of the season.

But the boss has declared, in a report by The Telegrah, that this does not mean that the Gunners have failed to solve the problem. As he points out, the injuries have simply been the result of bad luck rather than the players’ bodies being over-taxed.

Wenger said, “”We do not have any muscular problems apart from Gibbs. I feel overall that is quite good compared to the others. The other injuries are Arteta with an ankle problem and Giroud. It is accidental.”

It is still a problem for Arsenal, of courser, especially if Giroud is out for as long as feared, but as long as last season’s problems have been solved, we should be able to look forward to a more complete squad for this campaign. Unless we really are that unlucky!

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One thought on “Arsenal injury woes NOT club’s fault claims Wenger!!

  1. Maybe Wenger is right and it isn’t the backroom staff who are the injury issue – perhaps he should look in a mirror.

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