Arsenal intend to hold Van Persie for last year of contract

Arsenal’s officials have completely snubbed the possibility of Robin Van Persie to leave, saying that no officials offers have come in for the Dutchman yet, and that the club aren’t interested in the possibility to cash in for Robin’s services.

Team captain Robin Van Persie has been delaying his contract extension, and many seem to think that he’s looking to force Wenger in buying as many top players as possible during this summer’s transfer window.

Club chairman Peter Hill-Wood has stated:

“As far as I am aware nobody has made any offer for him and he is away so we are not in any dialogue at all,” said Hill-Wood.

“We’re not in the remotest bit interested in selling him.”

Now that Robin has declared that he won’t be signing an extension, Wenger is ready to lose Van Persie for a free next season rather than cashing in for his services now.

Do Arsenal fans think he should be forced to stay? Or sold for as much cash as possible now?

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9 thoughts on “Arsenal intend to hold Van Persie for last year of contract

  1. Though RVP is so full of himself but Wenger and AFC board members should have the largest chunk of blame. All these years fans and players have been shouting begging wenger and the board to invest significantly in the squad but they felt making AFC a nursery football academy for clubs like Man c and Berce and lining their pockets fits perfectly well in their goals.Count your losses Wenger, you and the board have your philosophy that is older than the dinosaur, very much outmoded and derisory. Who next should follow, Walcot, Verm, OX,Song,your goal keeper or who? They know the next to follow suit. Nasri should be laughing now because it is now very clear that he took a very wise decision to leave.

  2. If Arsenal let him leave this summer,it will set a precedent. Teams will always come to pick our best players at will.
    Players will play the game RVP has just played, refusing to committ knowing they can leave in their final year.
    AFC should make him honour his Contract and let him leave for free next summer.
    If it ends up being a loss financially, it will however be a positive that wii set a solid foundation for the future of AFC

  3. what is the point on cashing in on a player if the funds are not going to be re invested in the team? we supposedly cashed in on Nasri and Fabregas and what did we get in return? a couple of last minute signings (both of them decent to be fair)

  4. Keep him, let him rot in the reserves until he publically apologies for the ‘respect’ (bollocks).

    Lose him for free next summer? Who will pay huge wages to a reserve team player, who hasn’t shown what he is capable of?

    Either RvP has something lined up, or his PR guys have totally misread what the reaction would be.

  5. If getting less than £20m we shud keep him. Might aswell get another year out of him could be worth more than the money we get now!

  6. We’re not going to get 20M+ for a guy on the last year of his contract. He could have another 30 goal season and we win something this time. That’s worth more than entertaining 8M bids.

  7. Sell RVP as soon as possible! Let’s get a proper replacement and move on! Imo we should get Lewandowski, Adrian, or even Huntelaar. We are AFC! We are warriors and we will not be discouraged by defectors!

  8. If RVP leaves let him go. He played one full season and all the other seasons was on the bench getting treatment. His mom said it – AFC have stood by him when the going was bad and when it was going good. If he had been healthy like he was last season Fabregas, Nasri, Adebayor would all have stayed because we would have won a few trophies. But having great players on the bench is the same as not having them at all because they are not there to fight but to collect 80k a week. I wish him well though no hard feelings but either go or stay.

  9. What if he remains and win trophies, it’s much bigger a profit made than the 30milliom he is hoped to be cashed, because it’s easier to win with his presence than when without him.

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