Arsenal just need to win a couple of games?

It’s been a very challenging past month for the Gunners, with some truly shocking performances. Defeats against Chelsea and Liverpool were bad enough, yet to mix in the absolute embarrassment against Bayern Munich over two legs is just something that is unforgivable for Arsene Wenger. Big changes need to happen soon at the club, but one player, Nacho Monreal, believes a rise in form is just around the corner.

Monreal, who much like Arsenal, has been largely inconsistent this season. Often hailed as one of the best defenders in the league, Monreal has not given that impression off at all this season and has been very poor in comparison to previous campaigns.

There is poor moral around the squad at the moment, especially with the uncertainty surrounding both Alexis Sanchez and Arsene Wenger. The team needs a boost on the back of their poor string of performances and Nacho Monreal claims the Gunners are close to achieving that.

Monreal told “We have had difficult games, but maybe our commitment hasn’t been enough [lately]. In the past few games we haven’t played our game and maybe that’s why we’ve lost too many times.”

“When you lose one, two or three games in a short time, it’s obviously difficult because your confidence goes down. We have to win a couple of games and then I’m completely sure that the team will go up again.”

It’s always good to know that the squad moral is improving because that is likely to boost the performances and thus bring results in itself. Confidence is key in a successful team and along with leadership and passion, confidence is one of the areas this club seems to lack most. But can we actually have faith in Monreal’s statement?

A lot of the players seem uncertain as to whether their futures remain with Arsenal beyond the season and many look like they desire for the campaign to end sooner rather than later.

Big changes may be needed in terms of management, but Wenger isn’t going to be leaving before the end of the domestic campaign. This means that the Gunners are unlikely to see a revolution in tactical approaches. It will therefore be down to the players alone to pull their fingers out to change the final results for the club this season and they must realise that if they don’t achieve the top four at the very least, then things at the club will become a lot more miserable than they already are.

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