Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has found the perfect moment to make a move for one of the players he has admired for some time, Steven N’Zonzi.

At 23-years-old, N’Zonzi was one of the best defensive midfielders of the season in England, and despite the fact that his side Blackburn Rovers got relegated, he has managed to attract a lot of praise.

The former French youth international joined Blackburn in 2009, and one year later Wenger already tried to transfer him, but the move was blocked. Now that the Rovers are going to have to start from scratch from the second division, N’Zonzi’s departure is only a matter of time and destination.

It is being reported that Wenger wasted no time in trying to persuade the midfielder to join Arsenal, and that he has already made an inquiry for the French youngster.

With 34 appearances and 2 goals under his belt in the season which just ended, the midfielder is seen as an amazing addition to a wounded Arsenal side which has major midfield problems with Wilshere and Diaby’s long injury streaks, and with Frimpong’s leg break.

Do you think that Steven N’Zonzi is good enough to make an impression at Arsenal against the likes of Alex Song?

23 thoughts on “Arsenal keen on Blackburn midfielder

  1. Sory, king HENERY U made me to suport this stupid broker & greedy collection boards club
    look they are searching those chipest players
    instade of those world class players like mavila
    & also we will lose top 4 comming yearse
    go ROBIN good luck to you!

    1. diaby should go,as good as he is.he is injury prone.
      we need players that can play 30-40 games per season.
      keep alex song,second best in an arsenal shirt last season.

  2. WOW! Are you seriously saying that after being linked with a future great in M’Vila we’ve now dropped our standards to the bottom of the barrel and are looking at N’Zonzi? We may as well forget Giroud and go for Heskey, he’s free!!! We are soooo cheap.

    1. mate! N’Zonzi played for a relegation team, his a former french youth international and his feet are amazing his not a drop form M’vila (who plays for a decent french outfit) don’t compare wait till he comes to Arsenal alongside top 4 players. Ontop of that go read AC Milan offloaded Veira for $3mil and tell me how did he turn out!

  3. Yisihak,Why are you saying we go for the cheapest and not world class,as if all expensive players are world class? If you left out the costs and said Mvilla is better,You would make sense as we all know he is.But you are trying to push the stereotype that Arsene doesnt want to spend a lot of money which is wrong.We have had big money flops and We have had cheap faillures,but we have had a lot of success with both and who knows,he might be a Viera type player.We all know Mvilla is better,but we can also say Neymar is better than Hoilett(40+ goals in two seasons running,in any league thats amazing,and at only 19 this year.) ,but you all want Hoilett.why not ask for Neymar? At the end of it all,we are not even sure of any transfers.The first half of the last season,we were supposedly in talks for more than 100 players(its a fact,someone wrote the list in january,I think on Untold),and all were wrong,but for all those links,only one was right,but Wenger was lambasted for all the cheap ones we were linked with,and ridiculed after every expensive one because “he wont sign anyone world class because he hates Arsenal”.Stop stereotyping Arsene and our transfer policy,its pathetic from our own fans.Look at how many players had to come and go for Man City to win the league,every team makes mistakes in the transfer window,but you dont hear Man Ure reminding each other about BeBe.Why dont you wait for the transfer to be officialy unveiled to judge the club,not after every rumour.Last week it was Mvila,then Capoue,De jong somewhere,no-one at some point and now Nzonzi,We cant get them all and we are not in for them all im sure.Think you would learn to wait.

  4. Mvila has said he will decide his future after the euro . Surely his price will increase very big .we cant win a bidding we have to find another better options.

  5. i really like nzonzi. He really played well against arsenal last season and d season before. He’s a good player. Nd does it mean u cant get good players dat re nt dat expensive? Look @ Koscielny,Papiss Cisse, Ben Arfa. Pls wenger shld buy him and pple will be surprised @ how good he will come

  6. Why not get Dembele…this guy has class and not old. He is so calm as an attacking midfielder….will create alot of chances for our strikers. Keep Song and others as back-up, conq and frimp. Add a versatile defender and we ready to go. We need another 1st rated keeper as cheesny not fully ready as he made too many silly blunders…yes he’s good but not ready as a world class goalkeeper…think this will at least cover 4th spot and champions league…sorry…i honestly thought that we not playing for trophies.

  7. It is quite unfornate that people go with the stereotype that Arsene don’t go for classic players but cheap ones. One thing you must understand is that, it is not all about the classic or the best but making the classic or the best out of the cheap you are thinking. Arsene is a man with a good coaching philosophy no doubt about it, so all his decisions are nice and wise. Lets support Arsene to move Arsenal to where we suppose to be and stop being pessimistic. Gunners for life!

  8. One more thing, wenger is man enough to decide on what to do. You people should allow him to bring out the best in Arsenal fc for the past reveals the present and together they determine the future. Imagine the world without Arsenal FC, i am proud to be an ardent fan.

  9. Why do we keep going for players from teams that are relegated??? Am I missing something here, will someone please explain… I might be wrong and I know that one single player doesn’t make a team but if their team got relegated obviously their presence wasn’t enough to save that team so how do we expect them to deliver for us. Just curious…

  10. Hey guys stop beig stupids,who told u that buying a player with high figure is the solution,av u forgoten torres,suarez etc.we all know mvilla is a good player but who knows if he will adapt quickly???n’zonsi is not that bad n he has epl experience n we can av him as back up

  11. @thiago my friend we need to buy world class nt kids from no where, thats if we want to win sm thing next season. We have the cash to buy world class players, so y not buy them. en i still think M villa is the beta option than nzonzi

  12. @kiko because one player gets a team relegated… *rolls eyes* look a Scott Parker, class player this season. Last season was relegated with WH.
    It also makes me laugh how people are getting so wound up over rumours. Don’t believe anything until its on Then, if you still want to, complain.

  13. Im not goin to wast ma tym comenting on transfer issue cos, even if we do wenger can still do what he want


  15. buy clint dempsey,papiss cisse,nigel de jong/mikah richards
    .offload light weights like walcott,vela,bendtner,djourou,arshavin,squillachi.

  16. is it only me that thinks theo walcott is over rated.
    the man is fast,thats undoubted,but he cant tackle or cross a ball to save his life.
    i think he is suffering from delusions of grandeur,he wants to be the next thierry henry-he is or never will be that good.

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