Arsenal keeper’s glowing tribute to incredible Arsene Wenger

Szczesny so thankful to Wenger ahead of special game!

When Szczesny made his debut back against Manchester United in 2009 as a 20 year old, everyone thought it was a risky move but with no other goalkeeper available for the trip, we had to stick our faith in Szczesny. Everyone who followed the club closely knew that he had a great load of potential, and his previous loan spell with Brentford had shown that, but this was against Manchester United, rather than some low level league two team. The game ended 1-0 to United, but Szczesny had a great game in goal and it was from that moment that everyone who follows Arsenal knew that he was going to be our keeper for many more years to come.
A few years down the line and he has proved everyone right that he certainly has talent. With a couple more seasons for development there is certainly no reason why he can’t go onto become one of the world’s best, however for now he is just content with the position he is currently in. Speaking ahead of a crunch game against table toppers Chelsea, Szczesny revealed why he is so thankful to Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger for giving him his chance with the Gunners.

Szczesny told “You always think you’re ready earlier than you actually are. But I think he brought me into the first team at the right time. I had my loan spell as well so I do feel like my career so far has been managed by him very well. I believe it’s going to continue like that for a long time. I’m obviously one of the most thankful for his philosophy because that got me into the first team. I understand that if it wasn’t for his idea of developing young players from the youth system into first team players, I probably wouldn’t have got my chance so early. I’m very thankful for that and I think it’s the right way to do it.”

On the news that Wenger will of course be taking charge of his 1000th fixture with the Gunners, Szczesny added: “It’s an incredible achievement [to reach 1,000 games]. I don’t think in the modern game you experience that a lot with clubs not giving managers too much time to settle in, but the boss has done a fantastic job here.”

It’s all been good news surrounding Szczesny recently who has of course signed a new contract, as well as being in fine form, arguably the best of his young career so far. Hopefully Szczesny can do Arsene Wenger proud in his 1000th fixture, and show Le Prof exactly why it was right to stick with Szczesny and give him his debut back as a 20 year old.

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One thought on “Arsenal keeper’s glowing tribute to incredible Arsene Wenger

  1. It’s true … they all seem to worship Arsene. So do the Directors. Pity us poor fans who pay to support the club. 6 – 0 and hands up those fans who are surprised that we get smashed so often by the top teams. Hands up those who still reckon it’s a coincidence that the hated Mourinho never loses to Wenger ?

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