Arsenal legend has NO faith in Wenger boys winning BPL title!!

After Aaron Ramsey scored the extra time goal to beat Hull City at Wembley and give Arsenal football Club an FA cup to celebrate for the first time in nine years, a lot of us fans are dreaming that Arsene Wenger can go one step further next season, by winning the Premier League to become the champions of England again.

But former Gunner and long time Gooner, Tony Adams, does not see it happening, despite the importance of the FA cup trophy for everyone connected with the club. Adams does not always cover himself with glory when making statements to the media, but you have to agree that he could have a point on this one.

The problem, as our former captain sees it, is that the Gunners do not have that same strength in depth that our rivals do. In a Daily Mail report, Adams explains that those heavy beatings in away games to the likes of Chelsea and Man City prove his point, with those rivals being simply too strong. He also thinks that Man United, like a wounded beast, will be very dangerous next season and will come back strongly. And the defender feels that Arsenal will be in our usual fight for the Wenger trophy again next year.

He said, “The club came under criticism for not winning a trophy and I was one of them! It was important for them to win that.

“Hopefully it will be a pivotal moment in the careers of the squad members and they can go on and win league titles.

“However I don’t think they will win the title as Chelsea and Manchester City are blowing the league apart and Man Utd will come again.

“I don’t think Arsenal will finish any higher than 4th at the moment which is a little bit sad, but they needed to win the FA Cup because they had stick from the fans.

“They played some remarkable football at times last season, but they they do leave themselves open.

“When they come up against big teams they tend to leave themselves too open because they want to play freely and roll teams over.”

I am sure that Tony would be as happy as any of us for Wenger and the Arsenal players to prove him wrong, but can they do it?

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2 thoughts on “Arsenal legend has NO faith in Wenger boys winning BPL title!!

  1. Talk is cheap,the season has not even started, people dont know how teams will line up, this fellow already knows who is likely to win the EPL. The same fellow failed as a coach and no one has ever considered hiring him as a coach, why cant he just spectate like everybody and accept the fact after stardom as a player the next level he is beyond him. Although from Tony this is not new, he couldnt even understand why the board hired Wenger in the first place.

  2. Wenger is an average minded coach because he think that he won the FA CUP which means he is not ready to sign a quality players comes season, well i can see he is preparinq for failure comes next season!

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