Arsenal legends says Walcott has NO power over new contract

The last time that Arsene Wenger had to persuade Theo Walcott to sign a new contract to stay with Arsenal, all the high cards were in the players’ hands. Robin van Persie had recently left for Man United and Wenger was struggling for decent options up front.

Walcott had him over a barrel really, especially as there was less than a year to run on his contract at the time. So the England international got a big pay rise as well as some guarantees over his starting place and even where he would play.

Fast forward to now and the player who celebrates his 26th birthday today is struggling to get in the side at all, never mind as a centre forward. With Olivier Giroud in top form, Alexis pulling up trees and the boss having options like Ozil, Welbeck, Chamberlain, Akpom and three strikers out on loan, former Gunner Martin Keown feels that Walcott has lost most of his bargaining power and clearly feels that Theo should just `sign da ting´ as a Daily Star report explains.

Keown said, “He hasn’t really cemented himself [in the team] yet, and I think it’s ten years he’s been at the football club.

“You couldn’t really call him first choice.”

The message is clear Theo, so if you want to keep playing for the Gunners it is no time to start making big demands about a new contract.

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One thought on “Arsenal legends says Walcott has NO power over new contract

  1. If Theo tries to spend many months messing about, demanding too much money, we should move him on and buy a replacement. He is not the only wide player in the world who can run a bit.

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