Arsenal Miss Out On Belgian Wonderkid Midfielder

Arsenal target Eden Hazard won’t be arriving on the Emirates Stadium as many hoped and expected as club official Jean-Michel Vandamme dismissed the possibility of letting the attacking midfielder go during the January transfer market opening.

“We have received some very interesting propositions for Hazard, but the player will stay with us until at least the end of the season,”

“He certainly won’t leave until then. Then, if we can find someone willing to make an appropriate offer, we will look to reach an agreement.

“Interest from Inter Milan? There are clubs in all of the major European leagues that want him.

“His price? I think a player like Hazard is worth at least €40million (£33m).”

Arsenal were interested in Hazard in the summer as well and went with what was rumoured to be a generous offer for Hazard which was unfortunately snubbed by French side Lille which wanted to have the best squad possible for this year’s Champions League experience.

Arsenal is still on the lookout for an attacking midfielder after they missed out on Reus and Hazard and they’re also likely to lose out on German wonderkid Mario Gotze. Who do you think will join?

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8 thoughts on “Arsenal Miss Out On Belgian Wonderkid Midfielder

  1. Surprise? I think not.
    Let’s be honest, Wenger specializes in developing talent, not buying it. Although Oxlade-Chamberlain was an exception for 12 million, the most Wenger will spend on rising talent (I’m convinced).
    Hazard, Gotze it seems the more these players are brought up in the rumor mill, the less likely they are to become actual Gunners.
    Call me a pessimist but I’m just tired of all this speculation when we all know the likelihood of such superstars to join the Gunners, with Wenger’s frugal wallet, is very dismal.

  2. Also I didn’t answer the question: no I don’t think ANY of these players (Reus, Hazard, Gotze) will be in Arsenal uniforms.

  3. (Mr)Nobody will join! Unless there’s no other club interested in the player we want to sign, we won’t get a chance as most club will outbid us.

  4. I’m sick and tired with these roumars and speculation, no such kind of player, Gotze, Hazard and Padolski wenger will gone buy.

  5. I am really starting to get annoyed by Wenger. First, he refused to buy until we were hammered 8-2 at OT. Then he oanick bought a guy who cant turn more than 90 degrees for CB. Keep fops like Squillaci longer than necessary- any wonder there is takers for him although he is cheaper than chips?

    Now we are agains found wanting as we gonna field Miguel, Squillacci and company. What is he on? He does’nt understand that we are not Merryl Lynch but Arsenal. Strong balace sheet does not count.

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