Arsenal must use the Ox next season or be prepared to lose him

When the fans hear Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, they think about, quick exciting football that makes fans lift off their seats every time he gets near the box. His athletic pace yet demanding strength allows him to get past players with ease, much like Theo Walcott should be able to. But the difference is the younger Englishman gets limited game time for what he’s worth.

Chamberlain followed Walcott in joining Arsenal as a teenager for a large sum of money. It’s reported that Arsenal paid £12 million for the Ox, showing not just that young English players are perhaps overpriced but mainly that he was and still is a fantastic prospect. His talent was recognised by Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United, but Chamberlain chose Arsenal in favour of development. Almost 2 years on Chamberlain has massively developed, but perhaps not as much as you’d think.

In his first season, he made an instant impact and seemed to be the most exciting prospect at Arsenal, Jack Wilshere aside. Fans expected Chamberlain to have an essential role in the Arsenal team this season just gone, however he hardly featured. Saying that he did make 40 appearances last season, however he rarely lasted the full 90 minutes with him either being subbed on or off an astounding 36 times out of the 40!

Although he clearly is getting game time and therefore developing, I feel that he adds something different to our team that not many players have, and therefore he should play a more important role in this Arsenal team. Chamberlain isn’t afraid to run at players and take a shot, whilst a lot of our other strikers dabble around with the ball on the edge of the box.

There have been rumours that Chamberlain will look to leave Arsenal at the end of next season if he hasn’t managed to hold down a bigger role. I’m not completely convinced by these rumours as I know he has stated in the past that he recognises he isn’t the clubs best player and that his age was also going to restrict him. But I also don’t completely brush the rumours away because it would be so easy for someone of Chamberlain’s quality to find a new club.

I think it’s essential that he gets much more game time next season because otherwise I think we could potential risk losing an exciting prospect that will no doubt be an absolute world beater in the next few years!

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6 thoughts on “Arsenal must use the Ox next season or be prepared to lose him

  1. he’s an absolute fireball…
    gr8 speed + gr8 agility = threat to the opposition..

    at times he feels better than wallcot.

  2. At times you English reporters tend to put a lot of presuure on young English players that at time they fail to listern to their managers and loose interest or concetration in their development.

    So whose number according to you should OX have played in those crucial matches in the first 11. And what will you say on Coquilin, Frimpong,Jackinson etc who are older than him and had less or no matches at all?

  3. I would say it differently. Ox has not been given enough playing time, but each time he played, he did the same thing. I don’t seem to see any improvement in his game or are the coaches not guiding him anymore?

  4. oh my god…really? am i only one who thinks the ox is very poor at the moment his passing is terrible , his shooting even worse , his dission making a disgrace . in fact if he played sunday football i doubt he get game …. he will be good but he certainly not a first team player yet.

  5. Why? Oxlade-Chamberlain had an off-seaso, even according to himself. He´ll come back a stronger and better player but will have to prove himself. He signed an extension last year, he´ll only leave if Arsenal gets a good offer from him.

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