As we know in the last few weeks Cesc Fabregas has been linked with a return to Arsenal and even a move to Manchester United because of his poor performances this year that have angered Barcelona fans and the media now think that the club are ready to get rid of him just two years after they struck a big deal with Arsenal to take him “home”.

I think Arsenal should move on from Fabregas and the fans should stop drooling over the prospect of him returning to the club because he shouldn’t come back. The club should not welcome him back because that proves that we are not good enough for top players and they only want to come back when things don’t work out for them at their new club.

It is always good to get a top player at Arsenal because they rarely come around but that’s part of the problem. Instead of buying Fabregas back and then a few other players for less than £10 Million who fail to perform, the club should be looking to other world class players who are better than Fabregas.

Why is it that Arsenal are linked with other club’s cast offs and not their top players. Instead of being linked with Barcelona’s Fabregas the club should be linked with Andres Iniesta or even Xavi. We may have to pay around £50 Million for them and they will not leave the club but part of the problem of not being able to attract big players is that the club does not have any big players and they do not even try to buy big players.

Arsenal cannot sell their top players and their captains every single season and expect to get along with average performers. No top players = no titles or trophies, time to spend big on big players this summer Mr Wenger.

16 thoughts on “Arsenal need to buy players BETTER than Fabregas!

  1. So you’re defining Fabregas as an average player? Right. Name 10 ‘world class players’ better than him in that position.

  2. Of course we should be looking for top players. Fabregas definitely is one, him not getting in to the side is testament to Barca’s strong midfield.

    I’d love to see Cesc back at Arsenal, he might play better in an environment where he’s the best player and where he plays every game.
    I still can’t see it happening though, even with what @geoffarsenal said.

  3. Just because Fabregas having poor performances @ Barca doesn’t he is no more world class player,it simply mean he doesn’t fit in Barca fut ball.He would be a great acquisition …………..

  4. Are you stupid?
    Fabregas is one of the best in his position and if you compare his stats with
    iniesta and xavi; you would see whos better
    Fabregas has more goals and assissts then Xavi

  5. This is the most retarded post I’ve read in my life. Fabregas is one of the worlds best in his position. The reason he hasn’t gotten into the Barca midfield is because Xavi and Iniesta haven’t given the ball away in about 8 years now. The reason Arsenal aren’t linked with top players who cost 50 mil is maybe because Wenger isn’t a dumbass. I’d rather see 20-25 mil spent on top team rejects such as Fabregas and now Rooney

  6. Some of the things people write on here are ridiculous. Cesc is a world class midfielder, his stats this season show how good he is even when not first choice. £50m for Xavi or Iniesta, you are having a laugh.

  7. Cesc is world class in every sense of the word. You say we should buy other teams’ world class players, since when do we buy world class players? Go through Arsenal’s transfers in the last 15 years and you realize we have never bought any world class players, we buy good players or kids and we make them world class. U’d really take Xavi over Cesc? did you even get to watch Cesc at Arsenal? One of the reasons I want Cesc back is his ability to make other players look good. Even Chamakh scored over 15 goals playing in front of Cesc, Adebayor and Bendtner all benefited from playing with Cesc yet you don’t see him as world class?

  8. Frances is a top class midfielder.. I think you are not taking into consideration the type of competition he has got to compete with, hence he is over-looked.
    He is meant to take over Xavi, not replace him

  9. Ha! Sign someone better than fabregas..ok so it’s either c.ronaldo or messi or xavi or iniesta besides these four players i don’t anyone who is better than fabregas. Should we sign ’em?

  10. Rubbish article. Fabregas is 1 of the world’s best players in his position. We would be getting a world class player if he returns. When he left i felt betrayed but if he comes back, it may show others thinking about doing the same thing that its not all a bed of roses out there. If we could capture fab it would be 1 more piece that we would need to win something. Even if song were to make a return as well I would welcome them back since our squad would improve drastically.

  11. In all fairness you have a point about allowing players to return because the grass isn’t necessarily greener being bad practice, but Fabregas being not being world class? Did you have your head buried in your sphincter for the duration of his rise @ Arsenal? In a the eyes of any fan he would be welcomed back into our team with open arms and would be a better buy than many a ‘Star’ player from Europe’s elite clubs. He knows the players, the boss, the fans and is a proven performer in the EPL. So what’s your point? Buy a proven ability player from abroad with no EPL experience & 150k wage bill for 30 mil, lets all be honest who better than Fabregas wants to come to Arsenal anyway.

  12. I go wid u in sm parts of ya post bt du u knw theo is nt guud up4rnt bt bkoz he has bin given’n day in n day awt play,he gets on well,guud,fab has bin played off position n subs on many instances ie in barca or national team bt he doez best,fab wants a first team play n its only arsenal hu kan give dat,fab must kom bak

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