Why Arsenal need to rest Alexis even against his wishes!


Alexis Sanchez has without a doubt been the star of the season for Arsenal so far this season. At times it seems as though the former Barcelona star is on a one man mission to drag the Gunners into the next round of the Champions League and to stay in contention at the top end of the Premier League table.

Just like Man City with Sergio Aguero, Arsenal would be many points worse off without the goals of our main man, but I think that makes it even more important for Arsene Wenger to give the Chile international a well earned rest. The problem is that Alexis wants to play every minute of every game and he is fit enough to do so.

We saw with Aaron Ramsey last year though, that this can take the edge off a player’s performances and even more importantly, leave them at greater risk of picking up a muscular injury or tweaking a hamstring. What is more risky, trying to win a game without Alexis or trying to keep the season going in the right direction without him for a couple of months?

It would have made life easier for Wenger if Theo Walcott had been back playing again by now, but we do have options. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has been in good form and with his pace and power he can do a pretty good Alexi impression on the right or left, with Giroud in the middle and Welbeck or Podolski on the other side.

But is tomorrow’s trip to Stoke the right game to rest our star man?

1 thought on “Why Arsenal need to rest Alexis even against his wishes!

  1. Personally i would rest his against Stoke. We have all seen the types of lunges that players make at Alexis, so now we are playing against one of the roughest teams in the PL there is no doubt there will be some bad tackles coming his way. I expect at least 2 Arsenal players will get an injury this game as its the only way Stoke can play against Arsenal.

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