Arsenal need to spend for immediate success – not for the future


If there is one thing the world of football will be grateful to Wenger for, it is his rare talent of being able to discover raw talents and groom them to stardom! Many footballers today, who shone in the jerseys of Arsenal, started playing for Arsenal at a young age. Fabregas, Bellerin and some others, are just a few who will be grateful to Wenger all their lives!

 However, for some reasons now, Wenger seems to have lost his magical act of discovering and nurturing young talents to stardom. Some will say but he discovered the likes of Walcott, Chamberlain and Iwobi! Yes, I agree but who amongst these players can we classify as world class today?

Well, another season is about to end and the time will come for Arsenal to buy players who they will use to persecute games for next season; players who will win trophies for the club next season. Every club buys players in line with their plans for the next season, who will Arsenal, buy? What are their plans for next season? Will they buy players to groom for the future or buy players that will become an instant success next season? Time will tell.

Planning for the future starts with analyzing the past and the present. In other words, Arsenal’s success next season starts now! How they end the season may play a major role in deciding what type of player to buy next season but from the look of things, Arsenal needs to buy players who will win them trophies and not players to groom for the future! Arsenal needs to win one or two major trophies next season and buying players for the future won’t win those trophies.

News has it that the Arsenal board is willing to release a huge amount of money to Wenger for purchase of players, with the intention of over hauling the team. The amount being quoted on sports websites though is much, but it is the kind of amount needed to buy world class players for your team. Man United spent almost 100 million pounds on a player last season and that same amount is the amount rumored to be the amount Wenger will be given to over haul the squad next season! Who is clowning who? Wenger or the owners?

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