Arsenal outruns United and City in qualifying chase.


Arsene Wenger is proud about being the manager of the first English team to go through the Champions League group stage. He managed to qualify in front of City and United despite the very bad start of the season, and now he confirmed once again that Arsenal are back on the right tracks.

“Yes – I have to be very cautious what I say.

“I think yes as Manchester United could have qualified [on Tuesday] night, and of course everyone expects Manchester City to qualify.

“It is difficult at that level. I have never played an easy game in the Champions League.

“I have played 150 games in the Champions League and every game gives different problems.

“The groups were very difficult for the Premier League teams. The level has gone up a lot and we were in a difficult group, so I am very happy and pleased to see where we have come from.

“When we drew Udinese in the qualifier you couldn’t not bet exactly that we would go through as we did. So overall I’m very happy because we came through a very difficult period.

“We focused, we are united and we worked hard. Together.”

Arsenal secured the first place qualification and Wenger will be able to rest some of the important players in the final group stage match against Greek side Olympiakos Piraeus. This is the first confirmation of Arsenal’s great late form. Let’s just hope they’ll keep up the same kinds of efforts.

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