Arsenal practice for Hallowe’en with Horror Show against Chelsea

Last night Arsenal endured a night of horror as for the second time in a week we lost at home arguably to greater opposition. Yesterday Arsenal witnessed defeat at the hands of Chelsea in the Gunners own back yard of the Emirates. The 2-0 loss secured the stat of being the first time since the early months of 2013 that Arsenal failed to score a single goal and overall it was a game full of disappointment.

Hapless chances, poor passing and critical defensive misunderstandings all came together to make a tiresome and dreadful game to watch and that’s without even considering the defensive mix ups. But let’s be honest for a second, whilst there may be a few who think we were unjustly done, and that we were perhaps slightly unlucky, getting off the bandwagon of being top of the league, let’s sit back into reality and think, we were beaten by the better team on the night.

Chelsea had a far stronger squad, better tactical game and a perfect relationship on the pitch. Arsenal lacked in all of these areas and although I wouldn’t go as far as Ray Wilkins did and suggest Arsenal were shown a mockery by Chelsea, it was a very disappointing cup tie from an Arsenal fan’s perspective and I respect the fact we were beaten by the better team on the night.

A poor performance from all the players really, not just the defenders and one defender in particular. Carl Jenkinson may not have had the best game but he still has quality, how many times have you lauded Jenkinson on a good performance before? Every player has a bad game and although his mistake is not condonable, the player we should really be turning to, to ask the questions of is Bendtner who to put it lightly did absolutely nothing all game. No targeted shots, no attempts to find space, lack of passing qualities and perhaps most importantly lack of effort to actually do anything when the ball was heading his way. Bendtner was absolutely diabolical and if Wenger still expects the fans to be supportive of the Great Dane like he said yesterday, then Le Prof will be in for the unexpected.

We cannot blame Arsene Wenger, nor can we blame certain individuals. Each player had their role to play, some did, some attempted it and some did absolutely nothing but at the end of the day as a team they weren’t good enough and got beaten by a far more dominant Chelsea side. Oh well onwards and upwards, next up 3rd place Liverpool in the league, who sit just 2 points behind the Gunners, we are in for a cracker!

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