Arsenal prepare to fight off transfer interest in Giroud

Just the other day it emerged that Valencia were targeting Olivier Giroud as a possible replacement to Roberto Soldado who may have been joining Tottenham Hotspur. Well Soldado’s move is pretty much confirmed and Valencia may make an official approach for our man soon but it now appears that Italian side Napoli are also interested.

I’m not a big fan of Napoli at the moment since they signed Gonzalo Higuain but I can’t really blame them for it. It’s Arsenal’s fault for being too cheap and cautious.

Even though I am still and may always be upset about Higuain, we have more important things to worry about. We may or may not be still after Luis Suarez so there is still the chance that he could be joining the club this summer but with all the interest around Giroud, we need to make sure we have strikers who are ready to replace him.

Our only signing of the summer so far has been French born Yaya Sanogo but he is too inexperienced to be our first choice and only striker.

It may be a good decision to let Giroud go and if we do, we may have to consider giving Theo Walcott a permanent role in the centre. Having Walcott in the centre could work well for us as he can finally fulfil his dream of being a proper striker and we can have Alex Oxlade-Chambaerlain in a full time first team role on the wing.

On the other hand, selling our big French striker could result in a lack of numbers if we fail to recruit this summer as is being suggested by Arsene Wenger himself. Don’t be surprised to see no new signings and if that’s the case then we should probably keep Giroud and maybe even Gervinho.

This is one of the toughest summers that Arsenal fans have had to put up with so far. Interest around Olivier Giroud is only making things more tense in the transfer window.

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3 thoughts on “Arsenal prepare to fight off transfer interest in Giroud

  1. In what world would it be a good idea to let Giroud go? A man who had better statistics than Drogba in his first season in England, going into his second season coming off the back of a great pre-season?

  2. One of the problems of Wenger’s transfer approach is …. he negotiates very publicly for a top player who will obviously be preferred to an existing player. Then he backs off because he disapproves of the price – or the way the other club negotiates – and that leaves the existing player knowing the Manager does not rate him. This happened with Schwartzer (who is still playing even now !). Almunia’s confidence was NOT helped. Now we have Higuan and Suarez obviously preferred to Giroud. And yet he did not bring back (say) Vieria in case it affected Song’s development FFS.

  3. The writer of this article is a great joker! How else can you explain his assertion that it may be a good idea to let Giroud go? How can you let both Giroud and Gervinho go and you call yourself a serious club? The writer may not like Giroud as an individual but he is our best striker now. I have all along been saying that in other sites that this season Giroud will take the EPL by storm. I wish to reiterate the same here. Hence this whole thing of small clubs like Valencia or Napoli wanting Giroud is just a mere joke. I don’t see Giroud leaving Arsenal before his contract expires. The people spreading these rumours are the detractors who have always labelled Arsenal a selling club without putting into consideration the factors that led Arsenal to sell some of its quality players. All true gooners need to relax knowing that NO QUALITY ARSENAL PLAYER WILL BE SOLD THIS SEASON. The reasons that led us to sell our good players are now behind us. Instead of selling quality players we are now set to buy quality players. For those still stuck in the recent past please come back to reality and accept that the time of Arsenal bashing is over.

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