Arsenal preview and starting XI for Burnley with Gibbs IN


Arsenal are looking to continue the remarkable recent run which has seen us overtake both Man United and the reigning champions Man City, while ending the Champions League hopes of Brendan Rodgers and Liverpool. But this is not time for Wenger and the players to pat each other on the backs as Burnley are no mugs.

They are a very hard working, energetic and physical team and Wenger mentioned in the pre-match build up that his players need to cope with that first and foremost before our superior technical skills can come into force.

We also want to tire the Burnley players out while not letting their high pressing game reap results and that means using the full width of the pitch. That is why I think Wenger will swap Kieran Gibbs for Nacho Monreal at left back. The England player will get forward and give us width on the left where Mesut Ozil tends to come inside and link up with Giroud, Cazorla, Ramsey and Alexis, with the Chilean keeping Burnley busy on the right.

Wenger could go for Welbeck to add width but I cannot see him dropping Ozil or Cazorla so the best option is to use Gibbs. Apart from that the only change I can see is Gabriel for Koscielny if the French defender is not 100 percent.

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