Arsenal Ramsey says a move to La Liga is “mouth-watering”

The most improved Arsenal player this year is definitely Aaron Ramsey, and he puts his renewed vigour, confidence and goal-scoring prowess down to one man, Arsene Wenger.

He has recently signed a new five-year contract with the Gunners and hopes that this will be a purple period in the Gunners history with more trophies following naturally after we win the FA Cup (hopefully!), but he happily admits that one day he would love to follow his old team-mate Gareth Bale to one of the Spanish giants in the future.

He said: “…..If we manage to keep everybody fit, we’ll have a great opportunity next season. We showed that with what we achieved to February, when we were top of the league until then. So we’re close. Maybe we just need to win one thing to go on and be successful for five or 10 years.”

That ONE THING is obviously the prospect of winning the FA Cup, and Ramsey agreed. “That could be massive,” he said. “In terms of us players, hardly anyone has won anything in the dressing room, so that will just give us, hopefully – all being well and we do win the FA Cup – the hunger to realise what it is like to win a trophy and the feeling that you get afterwards, which will drive us on.”

As for his future (after winning multiple trophies at Arsenal!) he was asked about following Bale to Spain with either Real Madrid or Barcelona, and he replied: “I have unfinished business at Arsenal first but maybe one day, when the time is right, I’d fancy that,”

“One of those two teams is quite mouthwatering.”

Ramsey is 23 years old now, so in 4 or 5 years he could be in his prime and a world-class act. Perhaps Wenger will then cash in on him and bring through some more youngsters to replace him?

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