All the transfer action at Arsenal has been one way so far, and that has been out of the exit door. We have already heard this week the the Gunners have accepted offers from five clubs for the Danish international Nicklas Bendtner, who we could actually get a few million pounds for. He could soon be joined on his way out of Arsenal by Gervinho, apparently.

According to The Express, the Ivorian forward is wanted by the French Ligue 1 side Marseille, and it appears that Arsene Wenger will not stand in his way, especially if it frees up more wages and transfer fees for new players coming in to the club. I cannot say that I would be very upset to see him leave, although I was still hoping that he could start to show the form he shows for the Ivory Coast and that he had at Lille.

With the Turkish club Galatasaray also keen on the talented but frustrating 26-year old, it seems that Arsenal could recoup quite a lot of the £11 million that we paid for him two years ago. What do you think, should Wenger take the money or give Gervinho another chance to show us what he is really made of?

11 thoughts on “Arsenal ready to sell another striker?

  1. sell him.if gervinho leaves wenger can buy higuan plus jovetic..or aubameyang or belhanda or isco..

    they all are versatile..belhanda n aubameyang are cheaper

  2. Gervinho exit is welcome in addition to Bentner’s. Even Chamack should follow them as soon as possible.
    The only risk is that is the Mr. Wenger may fail to secure any high profile strikers and lay all his hope in Sanogo & Aneke!!!!!


    1. I would rather see Aneke playing a few games to see if he is good enough than persist with Gervinho or Chamakh who we KNOW are not good enough

  3. Aubameyang & Belhanda are not up to Arsenal’s standards. Aubameyang is like another Gervinho and Belhanda is like a more skillful Ramsey.

  4. It’s a disgrace how Gervinho has been treated. Sure, we have better players, but the poor guy should still be treated with respect. Gervinho put in a man of the match performance at the start of the match and then started getting crocked. So on the scrap heap he goes. Considering Perma crock Diaby is still casting a shadow over the team and being picked every game he is available, and Van Persie before him. .. what a damn disgrace it is. I like Gervinho, I liked Bendtner, I liked Merson, Pires, but they were all dissed by the Weng!!! It’s like this lad we’ve bought, Sanogo, nobody I’ve seen has noticed the guy is another Diaby… always injured. Actually he alway been worse than Diaby at getting crocked.

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