Arsenal ready to win trophies say Wilshere and Podolski

So far this summer I have been greatly impressed by the mentality of some Arsenal players. You may or not be aware but there is a real strong mentality and desire to win being carried throughout the squad. Having already seen Ramsey, Walcott, Cazorla, Giroud and even the uncertain Sagna declare the club’s ambitions for next season, both Wilshere and Podolski have joined them in recognising the urgent need to end the trophy drought.

Arsenal’s trophy drought of 8 years and running has become the laughing stock of the Premier League over the last few years, despite taking into several other factors present at the club, such as our financial stability, which cannot be said for many other teams in England. But with the fans being ever forthright in declaring their thoughts on the current team, many would suggest that they have lost faith in the club that once dominated England.

Over the last few years, fans of all clubs have slated Arsene Wenger, stating he has lost his magic touch that made him our most successful manager, and although I wouldn’t go as far to say he no longer has the desire to win and that his mentality has changed, I would say that I think he has been massively affected by the club’s stature and strong belief in finances and making sure the club is run like a business rather than a football club.

However away from all this people need to realise at the end of the day it’s the players that determine success at a football club and although I don’t think we have a squad capable of winning something, the players seem to think very differently.

Wilshere said, “It is no secret we need to win a trophy. How long has it been now, seven or eight years? The players feel the pressure and we have gotten close a few times like with the Carling Cup a couple of years ago. I think once we win one, others will follow.”

Podolski stated, “(The hopes are) very big. Firstly, I am happy, but I believe that the second season will be even better. If we take the (Premier League) table for the last 15 games, then Arsenal would be first or second. Now the question is, can we be in such form throughout the season?”

It’s all well and good saying how much effort the Arsenal players put in and the way 4th spot was achieved last season, but I’d like to also point out we can achieve much more than that, and if we worked on our consistency and well as having the winning desire that many players seem to have in our squad, then surely we can be in the race for success next year.

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4 thoughts on “Arsenal ready to win trophies say Wilshere and Podolski

  1. There is just absolutely no way a member of the board can come out in the open and tell us we have money to spend and even announce our sponsorship deals we have clinched. When we hear this We say it is Wenger. How absurd who than deals with finances Marketing accounting etc. People have no idea how a football club is run. Wenger just gets too much credit. It is time we call a spade a spade. Stop saying the board because we want to be popular on here fearing you would get thumbs down please guys use your brain be real. Wenger has told us last season already he has money to spend but will only spend it on top and exceptional players. Just because Wenger has a degree in economy does not mean he does everything like negotiate sponsorship deals. The board gave him money and he need to spend it wisely period. Some people just blame the board because they want to be popular with the AKB( Arsene knows Best) brigade. If you don’t stand for anything you’ll fall for everything. Please grow a back bone. We are in great financial condition because of the board. Wenger need to do his job and that is win win win. Let me remind you we could have won a cup last season but didn’t because it was not important to him. But when top four was under threat all of a sudden we pulled it off, but lost to second and third tier teams in cup competitions. WTF!!!

  2. Mr did u tryin 2 say that wenger did not want 2 win trophy?i can not agreed with some of ur point, i just want to that arsenal as a club no what is wrong and why they ar not do not seat down and just conclude.Nice article keep it up.

  3. I don’t think its just a coincidence Wenger has a masters in economics, which no other top manager has as far as I know, and Arsenal is in good financial shape, unlike the other clubs, with a very few exceptions.
    Anyway, yes, our squad will be better next season, but all the other top 5 clubs in the EPL are strengthening their squads too, even Spurs. I think people mustn’t be too disappointed if we don’t get a trophy next season.

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