Arsenal risking top transfer target as Wenger penny pinches

There is interest from some of the biggest clubs in Europe, apparently, so when the Arsenal transfer rumours last week suggested that the Gunners were on the verge of sealing the deal for the summer transfer of Paulo Dybala, the talented young striker making waves with Palermo in Serie A, it looked like we had pulled off a real coup.

But the deal is now on hold, according to a Metro report, after Arsene Wenger backed away from meeting the Serie A club´s valuation of a bit less than £30 million. Instead the Frenchman is trying to screw the price down in order to bring the player dubbed the new Sergio Aguero to north London.

If it works then Wenger will have done good work for the Gunners, but how often in the past have we tried to haggle on price and ended up losing our transfer targets, often to a direct rival? Eden Hazard and Juan Mata are two recent examples and from what I hear coming out of Italy, Dybala has the ability to become a world class striker.

Should Wenger just cough up the cash and sign him?

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3 thoughts on “Arsenal risking top transfer target as Wenger penny pinches

  1. His stupidity has cost Arsenal dear in the transfer windows over the past ten years. Remember comments from board members that Wenger dithers when it comes to getting the quality players we need to strengthen our team and when there is enough cash available. According to Wenger, He tried to sign Messi, Ronaldo, Drogba and other quality players whom he failed to get as a result of his stinginess and stubbornness. He’s not even ashamed to mention his own naivety regarding these players every now and then. How many dead wood did we ship out in 2012 to make room to bring in more quality? We only created more income for Wenger and his bosses. Same old stupid story. I said during the January transfer window if we had sane manage, we will sign the promising Dybala before his price shoots up in the summer.

  2. Did I read ‘just cough out the money’? cough out how much, £30m? For an unproven Champions League striker, £30m is too much. The boss could as well sign the proven Endison Cavani from PSG who is reported to have had the tag price place on him reduced from £50m to £22m. I think Paulo Dybala shouldn’t cost Arsenal more than a maximum amount of £15m in transfer fee.

  3. “Arsenal set to loose target because of Wengers penny pinching” You really are a moron arnt you? You basing this on what? Reports from the Metro? Are you being serious? And then you get even bigger morons like NT who believe each and every single transfer rumour (which are 99.9% of the time completely fabricated to sell newspapers) and then when nothing comes of it they all blame Wenger. Its ridiculous

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