Arsenal rumours – Higuain offer confirmed at last, but none for Williams


All Arsenal fans have been desperately waiting for the news that Gonzalo Higuain is definitely coming to Arsenal, well we have finally received a direct quote from his father that Arsenal have made a firm offer and are favourites for his signature, although it is still not certain to be accepted by Real Madrid.

Higuain Senior said: “Nothing has been signed yet, but I can assure you there are advanced talks between the clubs. We wouldn’t arrange any personal contract before the clubs agree for the transfer. I’m aware Arsenal has made a strong offer, as well as Juventus.”

So that is the good news, but reports of medicals and personal terms agreed are obviously just pie in the sky at the moment. But at least we know things are moving in the right direction.

As for Ashley Williams, it would seem that there is no truth whatsoever in Arsenal having approached the Welsh club. The Swansea chairman Huw Jenkins admitted: “While there seems to be constant speculation about Ashley Williams, I can honestly say that I haven’t had one call from anybody about him.”

I don’t think many Arsenal fans will be that bothered about missing out on the 28 year-old anyway to be honest. I prefer to think that the rumours about Kyriakos Papadopolous are more likely considering he is only 21. Well I certainly hope so!

6 thoughts on “Arsenal rumours – Higuain offer confirmed at last, but none for Williams

  1. for how long are we going to wait before this deal is officially confirm by personaly am becoming frustrated that by now we have not confirm any deal, the only confirm news on is d tour of Asia and sometimes i use to ask myself this question… does this people know what the fans want? do they know the number of arsenal fans base? I guess they dont because if they do by now they would have known how unhappy millions of people all over d world are because of thier approach.

    1. I thought it was quite clear, for God’s sake, that the deal can’t be concluded until Real Madrid agree to the sale, and that is being held up by the managerial situation there. And yet here you are, suggesting that Arsenal are to blame for the delay in the deal being finalised. Or have you just expressed yourself badly?

    2. I think part of the problem is that Juventus are still interested, and Real Madrid want us to compete so they can get the best deal. I suppose what they would really like is for the negotiations to carry on until the transfer window is nearly closed, and one team will be forced to put in a big offer to close the deal.

  2. I sure agree with you, I did prefer papdopolius to williams. He’s young and will giv arsenal more years and he’s got for his age good experience and will only get better. Then add Las Bender, Wenyama, Nani in place of Gervinho. If we are so in need of anoda strikker then I’ll prefer one that won’t cost 30m and won’t tak 30k/week but may cost 25m nd 90k a wk (Lawandolski)wit an experinced goal kipper(Schwazzer or yelskallein) to give us 2years of learnin 4 our young goal kipper. Dats it for me.

    1. Come on dude, I know we have been in poor form for a few years but to suggest we hire a kipper to play in goal is a bit crazy..

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