Arsenal running out of big name strikers to sign – Hurry up Wenger!!

According to some media reports, Spanish giants Real Madrid are on the brink of a spectacular £25 million plus Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain bid for the Liverpool striker and Arsenal target Luis Suarez. In others, Madrid are about to sell Higuain to Napoli and use the money to buy Suarez outright.

The two above-mentioned strikers are the only two realistic options left in the Gunners’ pursuit of a world class striker this summer, with Stefan Jovetic, Alvaro Negredo, Mario Gomez and David Villa all completing moves to various clubs.

Both strikers have been heavily linked with the Gunners and if this report is indeed true, it could well mean the end of the road for Arsenal in their pursuit of a world class striker, as looking at the market, there is no one of note still available.

Interestingly enough, an extremely reliable Arsenal source on twitter (@GeoffArsenal) has claimed that the Gunners will be making an ambitious £41 million bid for the controversial Uruguayan striker, having already had a £35 million move rejected by the Merseyside club.

Honestly speaking, The Sun is not always the most reliable of newspapers. It is extremely unlikely that Gonzalo Higuain would decide to retire from Champions League football and move to Liverpool. In my opinion, the report is a result of a lack of progress in the much-hyped transfer sagas of both players.

The twitter source, however, has proved that he does indeed have inside information at Arsenal. He pin-pointed the exact game when Wilshere would return from his infamous injury, claimed that Mikel Arteta would start for Arsenal at last season’s final game at Newcastle when the whole world thought he’d be out and was the first to report Wenger’s interest in Monreal, making all these claims even before any of the media outlets.

All I’m trying to say is Arsenal fans have reason to be excited, this guy is very reliable when it comes to Arsenal news. With Wenger reportedly sitting on a £70 million war chest and having freed up to £350,000 in player wages, there is no doubt in my mind that Arsenal can indeed afford the Uruguayan.

The question, however, is whether Wenger would be willing to spend up to £41 million on a single player. Personally, I believe he will be worth it if Le Boss decides to splash the cash. Hey, if he can score 30 goals playing for Liverpool, he can score a hell of a lot more playing for the Arsenal.

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2 thoughts on “Arsenal running out of big name strikers to sign – Hurry up Wenger!!

  1. Now I had enough lies about these transfer news, Wenger is always like that he will endup with only french kid. If I were to choose geting huguin should first b/c Real madrid may use huguin sale to buy saurez and Arsenal endup empity handed. As arsenal fan I want to see the club and trophy together but Wenger is only aiming for 4th place without top addition 4th place is in doubt.

  2. Big names are not the point. We need quality players in certain positions to do the job. But they must be value for money. Paying 35m for Hig helps Real more than Arsenal. Why make their club stronger?

    We need another striker and a another 20 goals a year man- (like Wally). We need a quality DM and we need a quality right sided CB. Kosser wasn’t a big name but is now one of the best in the world. It’s quality, not fame, that counts. An idiot can overpay for a big name. Anybody can do it. It’s called wasting money and boosting our competitors

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