Arsenal Sell Van Persie To Juventus

A shocking rumour was launched today as Italian agent Fabio Parisi, who is also representing Robin Van Persie, has declared for an Italian television show that the dutch star has signed a contract with Arsenal’s star.

After launching such an incredible rumour, Parisi went back on his word a bit and claimed that it’s only a supposition and that this is what he things, although we have to admit that it seems a bit fictive to say the least.

‘I think Juventus have had a signed contract with Van Persie for some time locked away in a notary’s desk.

‘It is just my opinion, but I think there’s an eight out of ten chance the Dutchman will join the Bianconeri.’

Robin Van Persie might choose to join the Italian club, but it’s highly unlikely for him to have already agreed upon a deal given the fact that he’s still training under Arsene Wenger. He hasn’t traveled with the club to Asia and that’s not a good sign, but some people surrounding the club, especially Arsene Wenger who has stated that he hopes for Robin to have a change of heart. What do you think will happen?

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16 thoughts on “Arsenal Sell Van Persie To Juventus

  1. i think it will be announced the same day we announce cazorla what a shame if rvp had of stayed he could have won the league here with the side we are building!!

    1. i think Roben can stay if Mr. Arsene Wenger can have a gud Talk with him, with players coming in to boost the squard roben can Still Chjange his mind

  2. I think it will be a good thing if RVP goes. He has seen his best days and had 1 good season in 8 which coincidentally was his only full season.

    With squad limitations now in place, I think it is best to move him on and get what we can while we can.

  3. Why would he go there… is it really just for cash? What chance do Juve have of winning titles? they wont win the CL thats for sure! He should stay with Arsenal get a nice pay rise and be captain of a club that loves him.

    Oh and Italian football is too caught up in match fixing, even the current Juve coach is going to get banned from football for what he did at his previous club.

    The article is clearly old and not too relavent but just my 2 cents on the matter 😉

  4. I think this is the worst speculative journalism I have withnessed for a long time. This story which is pure junk has been twisted in different shapes for the past one week and a journalist worth its salt should not peddle it. However, it is being shown on headlines as there is authenticity in it. For goodness sake, RVP is a top professional and I can’t see him secretly signing a contract with Juventus for it to be locked up in a notary desk’s.It is absurd, ridiculus and unprofessional to say the least.

    1. If he was really that professional, he would not have come up with the “for the fans” junk of an open statement after the euros. Its all about the money and these players are willing to earn more at any cost. Sometimes us fans do not realise that it actually is our money these guys are getting, shirt sales and all. Imagine if all footballers earned a quarter of what they earn now. Tickets and all would probably be cheaper.

  5. Yep, the “today” is misleading, as is the title. The article merely states that a deal is likely to be concluded, but the title says it has already happened. Either the author’s a cheat, or (s)he should use a grammar book more often. Just another way to improve the number of hits…

  6. Hi Admin,
    Learn to keep pace with information dissemination. This news is as old as Adam.

  7. I don’t know what RVP have in mind, he told us that he need to be convince of our ambition, have we not shown him what we are capable of, may be we need to sign lionel messi to show him we are serious.

  8. Your article is bothering on the ludicrous & a hyped up lie. Why not you write something intelligent when you have the facts!

  9. He is not RVPs agent. He is just a FIFA accredited agent, who doesnt happen to represent van persie

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