I will never understand why Arsene Wenger felt it was alright to go into the new Premier League season with an Arsenal squad lacking in enough strength and options in the key areas of attack and defence. Most people saw that need before the end of last season but we are still waiting for the Frenchman to do something about it.

It was a month ago when Arsenal travelled to Lens for the first game of pre-season and that was when Per Mertesacker got his injury, so the manager has known since then he would be short at the back, as he also knew that Koscielny would be a late returner from Euro 2016.

If that did not make our transfer need urgent then the loss of Gabriel to another injury two weeks ago should have set alarm bells ringing and then conceding four goals against Liverpool should have seen us sign a defender the next day, but finally it seems that it is going to happen, as Wenger revealed in The Mirror that he was very close to a deal being done.

He said, “Yes we are close [to another signing]. But I would say spending in itself is not a quality. Spending and buying the right players is a quality.

“I am a bit fed up to always respond to the same things. We look and analyse absolutely everything and we have to make the right decisions.”

Well us Arsenal fans are fed up of the club sitting on loads of cash while the boss dithers in the transfer market. Is this summer of transfer disappointment the last straw for all you angry Gooners out there?

2 thoughts on “Arsenal set to FINALLY complete defender transfer

  1. Arsene its time you left the club. You have lost it as you have nothing good left for you to offer the club. I am tired of hearing the same stories all the time. This is to much;please leave before its too late

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