Arsenal set to lose out again (as usual!)?

Every year Arsenal always lose out on one of our main transfer targets because we are usually too slow in the transfer negotiations or that quite simply another team is offering a better package than us. Unfortunately if recent years those players we have targeted have been snapped up by rivals, Juan Mata to Chelsea for instance is one of the biggest recent deals in this frame. And this summer looks to be the same!

As you probably all know, looking at the reports a striker seems to be our main priority this summer with Higuain and Jovetic both doing the rounds for well over a month now, in Jovetic’s case even longer as I’m sure I remember first hearing about a possible transfer back in April. Reports stated that a deal for the Montenegrin was agreed, however a few months down the line and I think it’s pretty certain he won’t be coming to Arsenal this summer. Juventus and Chelsea’s interest for me is too strong and so we could lose out on one of our long term targets yet again.

Higuain is the other striker and he too looks as if he could be on his way to Seria A side Juventus. The Italian club reportedly held a meeting to discuss the Argentinian striker this week; however how negotiations went are still unknown. I personally think a transfer to Arsenal is still very much possible, more so than Jovetic. But if Juventus lose Jovetic to another team, they will surely look to snap up Higuain quick.
Moving onto two midfield players, the return of Cesc Fabregas always looked like a dream and in reality it still is. I think it’s unlikely that the former Arsenal captain will leave Barcelona this summer, but if he does it surely will be for Arsenal because a transfer to any other team isn’t financially worth it.

The final midfielder and player in this article is Everton’s Fellaini, a reported long term target for a few seasons now, Fellaini’s impressed greatly this season and stepped up to the next level. Interest gathered from across Europe and there were even reports a last week that stated Arsenal had agreed a fee, however the news was short lived and I think the Belgian with re-united with former Toffee boss David Moyes at Old Trafford.
So that’s four targets, arguably four of our main targets and options this summer, that I’m sure Wenger and his team have spent ages looking at just to fall at the final hurdle once again. Of course all these targets are still possible and their transfers to Arsenal in all are probably quite likely however I feel that with their individual situations and the other clubs interested, I find it hard to picture these players in the red and white of Arsenal next season.

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13 thoughts on “Arsenal set to lose out again (as usual!)?

  1. I agree I think we will not sign any of the 4 and I would increase that to 6 as I cannot see us landing rooney or lewandowski either. I think our best hopes are Villa Ba Michu Cisse or Benteke. For midfield I thi.k it will be from capoue gremier gonalons gourcuff valbuena wanyama. In defence I can see us landing one from sakho taylor williams lescott.
    All the big talk of marquee signings is just to wet the apetite of those people in two minds about renewing their season tickets. The fans want quality but wenger will want quantity and VFM. He will need to spend his 70m on 6-7 players rather 3 or 4.

  2. Remember arsenal almost sign torres,silva,mata,alonso,hart,hazard,yaya toure etc but we all know how the story end.i don’t know if they think we fans are fool.arsenal fans should stop buying their season ticket if they fail to sign qualiy players,it is better to watch to the match at home than to watse money to watch a team that cannot win a dot.

  3. Just because the media states we are interested in a player,that does not mean it is true,or in some cases our own supporters think this/that player is available and we should sign them.These rumors develop a life of their own,and when a payer either stays with his present club,or moves to another club,the ridiculous headlines of Arsenal lose out again.When in 99.99 percent of the cases we were never interested in the player .How many times this Season have you read we have signed a player,will be announced soon.i haves stated this before,fabregas,Rooney,Fellaini’s,vela,jovetic,ceaser,and numerous others will not join us this summer.Some of the speculation is banal and ridiculous,even when a player or his manager or president of his club states the player is definitely not leaving,some people continue to comment on it.My advice is to ignore comments on websites,and the so called press with the exception of the quality broadsheets.things are so bad that I simply skim very quickly through the Arsenal websites,knowing that most of them are repeating what has been written in the gutter press.

  4. Have to agree, we are being lied to again.
    If Wenger was serious there would be agreements in place already bit there are not.
    What other conclusion are we to take from this?

    1. How do you know there’s no agreeements in place? The window isn’t even open yet. Stop going on like you know anything about what’s going on behind the scenes. Shut up and wait.

  5. Which player wants to come to a club whose sole ambition is to finish 4th in the EPL year in year out and after that get eliminated in the group stages of the CL? Only a mug or mercenary of a player

  6. Arsenal board n Wenger re oviously gambling wit us.They hv 4 many yrs now become a scout 4 other ‘big teams’ in Europe.Wat a shame ! We (Arsenal fans) re tired of unrealistic speculations.

  7. Wenger must nt sign any future prospekt,he must lay hand on already made players n let em drop a kap 4 us koz dats wat d fans want 4 now,benteke,ba,sicce n doze players will alwayz help us 2 3rd n 4th possitions,bring in higuain,fab,villa n drop ramzey n theo walkot

  8. What made you think those players are our main target? Did you have a meeting with Wenger and he told you that? All because a journalist sat somewhere in his house, made up a story, the media accepted it then you all believed it? Stop being a. Wenger hater.

  9. Unfortunately Arsenal (ie. Wenger) is a club where young players go to develop and, hopefully, become rich and famous … then leave. It is NOT the 1st club a top international would think of going to win things. Apart from the empty trophy cabinet … don’t forget all the players who have left (or are leaving) will be questioned by scores of top players elsewhere. They are bound to confirm Arsene is wonderful … except he doesn’t do tactics, buys some strange players, selects them to play in some strange positions, makes strange substitutions and is all about beautiful attack – not boring defence. It is plain for all to see.

  10. everybody just needs to not buy a season ticket untill the club actually show some ambition simple as that. i bet you will soon see movement when they realise the fan are not putting up with all the talk and no action. but will fans do that ? i doubt it we just moan with no action wish all the fans would grow some balls and stand together.

  11. You lot believe any old rubbish that any old muppet comes out with. We have been linked with 157 so far and the window is not open! We only need three or four new players. How many will come from the list? One! You are being wound up tighter than knicker elastic. You fall for it every year. Chill out- take a holiday and get a life!

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