Arsenal should have bid for the other Liverpool striker

With all the talk and media attention over Arsenal bidding for Luis Suarez recently, it got me thinking about which strikers would do well at Arsenal and about opportunities we had to sign good players but passed on. One that springs to mind is Daniel Sturridge.

Unfortunately we missed the golden opportunity to sign Sturridge back in January when Chelsea were offloading him. He had been left out of the Chelsea squad for a good chunk of last season because of the fact that hardly any Chelsea players can earn a regular place. He began to get frustrated at his lack of game time and Chelsea accepted that he must be sold and Liverpool came calling.

They paid £12 million for a player who has not yet properly been unleashed on the world. Since he arrived at Liverpool he has made 16 overall appearances scoring 11 goals. 10 of those goals came in 14 Premier League appearances and most of those games were when Sturridge was supporting Luis Suarez.

Arsenal could have paid that small fee for a striker who is potentially world class. All those goals could have closed the gap on the two Manchester clubs last season and helped us avoid the near embarrassing situation of nearly missing out on the Champions League.

There would have been a strong possibility that Sturridge would have chosen Arsenal over Liverpool so long as the same offer was on the table. He would have been happy to stay in London as he probably wouldn’t have had to move house and leave his friends or family which is always a bonus. Secondly, Arsenal are way ahead of Liverpool at the moment as we managed to get into the champions League even if it was a close call.

As much as it would be good to have Luis Suarez here, I can’t help but think Sturridge six months ago for a quarter of the price would have helped the club a lot more. He can score more goals than people give him credit for and his combination with Walcott and Chamberlain would have been deadly.

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6 thoughts on “Arsenal should have bid for the other Liverpool striker

  1. No way does Daniel fit the bill @ Arsenal, give me a break.He is no team player, I can understand strikers need to be selfish at times but unfortunately this boy is selfish all the time.Considering we play a passing game, he is not at all the striker we need, not to mention the way he holds himself high.Nah, not for me.

  2. Nonsense: We dont need Sturridge at all. There are many at Arsenal who are like him in many ways but none like Suarez. Suarez can conjure up things and situations and then execute them in way no one can. So, his abilities are tremendous: How often have you heard that Wenger can even dream of spending that amount on one person?

  3. first and foremost some world class defensive additions are required. just by looking at the sheer numbers of attacking players on the payroll as opposed to the players that play in defence or holding midfield.

    that said world class players are welcome at arsenal no matter what position they play. in an ideal world you want 11 world class players at least, but 3 or 4 would be a welcome start.

    I know this opens up the debate what is a world class player? well for me a world class player has to be in the top 5 or 6 in the world for his position. he is surely a player that is a first pick for his country, if everyone is fit. I think we all know who the best strikers in the world are, messi, Ronaldo, van persie, cavani, falcao. there are a few others that run those very close, suarez, lewandowski, aguero, neymar, rooney and others that are not so far behind, higuain, benzema, ibrahimovic, mandzukic, muller. so what do they all have in common? none of them play for arsenal and that needs to change. also none of them play for Chelsea, spurs inter or ac Milan, which is why these clubs are in the shadows. I am not saying having a world class striker guarantees success, but by Christ it bloody helps. Teams simply don’t win champions leagues without a world class striker, even Chelsea when they had a world class striker won the champions league, asll be it on pens, but who scored it? yes u guessed drogba a world class striker, then.

  4. I stopped after you implied Sturridge could potentially be world class. He’s not particularly different or better than Giroud. While Liverpool did score alot of goals towards the end of the season it was against mostly mid to low table teams. Sturridge would be decent if we didn’t already have Giroud but we need a real world class striker. Englishmen don’t fall into that category.

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