This will make the powerful and talented striker one of the highest earning players in the Arsenal dressing room, although there is still a long way to go before the new salary of France international forward Olivier Giroud gets close to the really big earners in the Premier League like Wayne Rooney and anyone who plays for Man City.

But it is a significant move for the Frenchman who may have been worried about his future in north London with many Arsenal fans and members of the football press expecting Arsene Wenger to spend big and add to the firepower of the Gunners this summer.

GiroudĀ“s new three year deal, reported by Metro, should help the 6ft 4in front man to stay calm and confident in the run up to what we hope will be a title winning season for the Gunners.

3 thoughts on “Arsenal sign powerhouse striker with HUGE contract offer

  1. This one of the big jokes as Olivier Giroud proved repeatedly that he is not a world class striker ,and he is not a goal scoring machines .He failed to score goals in the big games. Many were expecting Wenger and among them Arsenal Hero Thierrry Henry to replace Giroud with a world class striker and many of them were linked with Arsenal during this transfer window and instead Weger extended his contract and increased his salary as he has kept Abu Diaby for nine years for no good reason . We are sure he is also going to keep Mertesacker as the main central defender despite being very slow and lacks confidence. Wenger does no want Arsenal to win championship. He is mainly concerned with balancing the book and keep Arsenal struggling year after year to get the fourth place in the premiership .

  2. I think we should stop deceiving ourselves tagging Giroud as power house stricker, the earlier wenger realise that his protective tendency of covering for players regarde as his favorites the better for the club. Everybody knows that giroud is not the kind of stricker that will lead us to the promise land but because wenger so much like him he will not bring a stricker that will b threat to his position, he did that with diaby. He refused to sign a defensive midfielder all in an effort to protect diaby, is highly time wenger should be told the truth. We have had enough of his gamble. I told a friend that he was forced to sign peter Czech because his favorite have been relegated to bench by ospina. So wenger now is more interested in his economic income than winning league, the earlier the management realise this the better. Finally pleas we fed up with this kind of frustreted news you bring to us. Giroud is power room not house

  3. Don’t know what this stupid boasting game is about.
    No chance for title without striker of Lewandowski/Benzema class , proper defensive midfielder (in additiion to Coquellin who still needs to prove his consistence over this season) and world class central defender.
    Otherwise : 4th place !

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