Arsenal sizing up bid for amazing Serie A striker

It is looking more and more likely that Arsene Wenger will be forced into the transfer market this January as Arsenal have lost Francis Coquelin for at least the next three months,but other than a DM, Arsenal are also looking very grim in the striking department. Theo Walcott has been out for a month already with a calf strain and is still a few weeks from returning. And EVERYBODY knows that will not be his only time out injured this season.

Then we have Danny Welbeck, who has not played since April, and is probably the winner of this years “another setback” competition. He is due back at the earliest in January. Even Wenger must know that the Gunners are in danger of dropping out of the race for the title without reinforcements but I woul venture that a striker right now is the most important.

The latest Arsenal transfer rumours for a striker are concerning the excellent young Argentine hitman Mauro Icardi. Despite only being 22 he has an amazing record of 45 goals in 100 appearances for Inter Milan, in a League (and at a team) that are not known for big scoring games. They have even made him captain in an attempt to persuade him to stay in Italy. But the hitman has an attitude problem with the Italian market. He married his ex-team-mate’s ex-wife, and has now sacked his agent in favour of his much-maligned wife, an it is thought they want to get out of the glare of the spotlight of Serie A.

Icardi would certainly be a massive improvement on any of our current Number 9’s and even if Wenger paid 60m GBP for him, he would still retain a massive resale investment value if he didn’t work out.

Wenger should go for him….

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