Arsenal star and Germans agree – Ozil is the BEST!!!


There is a theory in the football world that Arsenal fans can sometimes be a bit hard on our own players, and on Arsene Wenger of course if things are going badly. But as Isaac Newton said, everything has an equal and opposite reaction.

Even though the 17th century scientist did not have football and Arsenal in mind, there is another quite different theory about Arsenal fans that says that we sometimes hijack online polls to make sure that our players win, such as when Jack Wilshere stormed in late to win the goal of the season award on Match of the Day last season.

A Metro report reckons it is happening again, because the Arsenal assist king Mesut Ozil is apparently way out in front of the poll to select the German player of the year.

Maybe there are a few Arsenal fans affecting the outcome, but would it really be wrong for this brilliant player to win it? Hector Bellerin would definitely say not, as the Spanish international right back has told The Sun that he thinks that his German team mate is the very best in the world in his position.

Bellerin said, “All players have their ups and downs when they arrive in the Premier League.

“We are all very happy he is finding himself and playing even better.

“He is making so many assists and scoring so many goals. There’s not a No 10 better than him right now. We’re very happy to have him.”

With Ozil on fire and well on course to set a new Premier League assist record, can you really argue with him?

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