Being fans of Arsenal Football Club over the last few years has often been a frustrating life, even though we have been luckier than most in having two FA cup trophy wins to celebrate and always making it into the elite European club competition which is the Champions League.

The frustration has been with the way Arsene Wenger and the club refuse to spend the money that everyone else seems to think is needed to transform us from a good team that plays attractive football and gets value for money into a team of true champions.

Every transfer window we get our hopes up, though, with Gazidis and Wenger talking about our financial strength in the early stages and then doing very little to back it up. Just like last summer when the Gunners made an early move and brought in Petr Cech, the signing of Granit Xhaka before Euro 2016 began was a great move, but just like last year that has been about it.

It is not just the fans who are disappointed about this either, because craigslist women seeking men maine have reported some comments from Mesut Ozil on the transfer situation and it is clear the German is not all that impressed by Arsenal doing very little while all of our main rivals spend big money on a number of players.

He said, ‘This decision is not with me, but the coach and the management.

‘Of course, we all watch as the other teams strengthen and get (to a higher level) in the league. But it’s not my job to occupy myself with it. I want to play my football and the team as best I can help.’

‘I already know Granit from the Bundesliga, which I follow regularly. He brings an enormous quality and even more potential.

‘With Granit were all surprised and excited. We are fortunate that he chose Arsenal.’

At least our creative star is happy with Xhaka but surely Wenger must realise what effect his failure to compete in the transfer market is doing to the team’s morale.

3 thoughts on “Arsenal star NOT happy with Wenger’s transfer failings

  1. It seems to me that you see a tenner on the floor but just can’t pick it up? Why? Nobody costs fifty quid anymore but the manager just can’t see that?? What is he doing? Does it mean he sees it as his money and as we don’t have any dept and proud of that being the only team in that position why the hell don’t he spend what’s on the table and buy the best instead of looking for the cut price wonder kid who might be good in five years? Now is the moment and yet again here we go every gooner on the planet holding their breath for what? Micky mouse? It’s not your money so just spend it on the best like everyone else has done and funny thing is they are ready for the season but for a change we aren’t? Hows that work?

  2. itz so frustrating as wenger’s speculation goez on on ovr bying nothing in the transfer as other teams equipping their clubs seriously.

  3. We are on lookers so watever happens to arsenal is manager’s failure to participate actively in transfers.

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