It was only the other day that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger stated that he believed that the Youth system at Arsenal is one of the club’s greatest values at this present time. Wenger has always been one for development and after the latest report, it seems that a player who has had to experience what it feels like to get the support of Wenger himself, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, has jumped on the bandwagon of explaining just what is needed for a young player to develop.

Chamberlain told “The massive thing is confidence and belief in yourself to then take yourself to the next level. Confidence is a massive, massive part of it and when you’re a young lad coming into the team and maybe you’re in and out of the team, learning your trade, and when you do start to become more established, you can almost relax a bit more and just enjoy playing the game. And you’re not so worried about what the older professionals are thinking about you.”

If it had not been for the confidence Arsene Wenger had put in Alex Oxlade Chamberlain than not only would he have been given a chance in the Arsenal first team but he probably would not even be at the club at all. Arsene Wenger had confidence that Chamberlain could do an effective job if he came to Arsenal and that’s why he signed him from Southampton as a teenager. Although it was for big money for a player of his age, Wenger knew the talent that was on offer and as Chamberlain says in order to develop a player must be given confidence.

It is not only just the youngsters that need a vote of confidence however. Everyone associated with Arsenal needs to show that there is confidence and belief in the entire team and that we believe that they can still achieve some form of success this season. So whether that is young Carl Jenkinson, all the way up to Olivier Giroud, the players need to know that in order to develop their game and push for success, that we are right behind them with confidence that they can achieve both as a team and on a personal level.

5 thoughts on “Arsenal star on how Wenger has helped him develop

  1. But he’s not that good. He cost us dear at Chelsea by trying to stop a ball that was clearly not on target, hence losing us a man in the process and blundered badly when he could have passed the ball to Podolski to bury the spuds!!
    He also talks too much. He must focus on his football rather than on hypes, boots, haircuts ‘nd all!

    1. In your profession, how old did you beome perfect? OX is a very good and talented lad. I’d have him and Aaron in d middle of d midfield because they are so energetic and hungry for success.

  2. Agreed… Ox is very talented, whenever he’s been deployed in midfield our plays seem faster, direct and incisive, like arsenal of 06-08. Even though they are different style players, He has a similar effect on our plays as Rosicky, driving us forward, trying to make it possible for us to maintain possession while moving forward just that he’s younger, quicker and faster.

  3. Yes he’s not been perfect in midfield, sometimes he’s misplaced quite a few passes, but incisive passes are usually more risky, wen they don’t come off the make a player look bad. Or he has tried to get the pass/move off very quickly. His positive attributes still far outweigh his shortfalls which are due to his age. It’s very exciting that he has the pace, ability and willingness to take players on on the wings n the physicality, vision and passing to operate in centre midfield.

  4. As for the handball against Chelsea, that is actually one of the positives I can take from that game. He is willing to put 100% for the team. That diving header was epic, n it didn’t even come off, in the last split second he couldn’t header it so he reached out to it ( kind of a reflex) out of pure desire to get to the ball.

    Unlike some players that feel it’s ok to not succeed at something and then just frown n put on a regretful face. Pisses me off, some players don’t understand Wat arsenal is about, they don’t understand what we have to deal with, what the boss and fans have been through. They just aren’t hungry for success. Ox is always. willing to bust a gut to put us in a stronger position, Infact even ozil has recently been busting a gut in his runs, wen he came under fire, he responded by showing pure tireless effort. n this is the same ozil that doesn’t belive in brute force but rather intelligent play. He’s never ran like that at Madrid. I don’t belive in brute force either but wen you see your players perform like that, you can’t have any complaints n feel proud.

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